[Patch 6.0.1] Discussion


Patch notes here:

######I think I did it right.

Apparantly I am downloading update v 1.07?
Game is "clunky"

Thank you for putting this up.


More nerfs to Griffin ugh. Hopefully this will stop the chase meta so they can stop beating him with the nerf bat.


Gorgon was slightly nerfed before she was even released.

Armor glow now shows up on character select screen
Acid Spit
    Duration reduced to 2 seconds (was 2.5)
Web Snare
    No longer affects normal movement speed.
    Affects Jetpacking more 50% (was 40%)
Spider Trap
    Movement speed when running away reduced to 9 meters per second (was 10)
Lvl 1 health reduced to 246 (was 273)
Lvl 2 health reduced to 308 (was 341)
Lvl 3 health reduced to 400 (was 436)


Does this come as a surprise?


I was told some of that info when we played her so that might just be notes from their internal testing build.

That being the case Recent Players can be added via steam overlay! ZOMG!


3.3GB for anyone who is interested ^.^


Well she was still slightly nerfed.


That’s quite a bit of nerfs.


Well I have work to do.


From a build that no one has played except their internal team. As far as I was told the build we played her on was the build that everyone is getting. Meaning what you saw in the stream is what you’ll get. So the numbers don’t mean anything because you have never seen that build.


Are these notes incomplete?

No mention of the Added Armor after an evolve. No mention of deployables being decreased from 5 to 3…
Wondering what else is missing.
Also, Goliath goes untouched? No bug fixes on Goliath stubbing toes and losing all momentum?


Why the fuck are they nerfing griffin more instead of leaving him alone and nerfing Val’s tranqs ignoring perks and sunnys jet pack booster being retarded?


Guess your right so my mistake on that part.


Odd i have a 13 gig update and my game was up to date before this but this is the second time ive seen someone say update is 3 gigs i wonder why mines is so much bigger on ps4


This was done a long time ago. We locked these changes in about a month before today.


The build Maddcow was playing at TRS had these balance changes in them. In other words, it has not changed from what was seen on Thursday.

Ninja’d by Cory… GRRRRR :stuck_out_tongue:


So is the new deployable limit of 3 still in testing, or…? I had been under the impression that that was an imminent change.


Thanks for clarifying.


Does this mean we can play the new stuff on 11/3 12am instead of waiting endlessly at 3pm for the update to be available?
I’m currently downloading the 4.3 gb on xbox