[Patch 5.1] Hotfix Discussion [Live on all platforms]


Oh oops, and speaking of Hunt 2.0, will there be any kind of neat infographic for how that’s looking at the moment? Only thing close to that I’ve seen so far was by a player.

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Laz will now get interrupted by Kraken air attacks when he tries to res while having a shield on.

keks were had

Wait a minute

Did they remove arena mode or not? I know they put it in the new quick play mode but did they actually remove the arena mode playlist?

Arena mode is in Quick Play

##Nooooo! Why would you do this?!?

It’s just one more mammoth bird…


But do you have any idea what evils those things possess?! I lose a bar or two of armor just trying to murder one of those fowl fowls >:[

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Sneak pounce, dear Watson.

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Don’t punch them in the face then :stuck_out_tongue: Hit them with an ability instead


I now need a picture of Behemoth punching a Mammoth Bird in the face to make my life complete :smile:


That’s my cue to make like a tree!

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Man i thought we’d get put into matches faster .-.

Not requesting it from you :smile:


Is Arena mode supposed to disappear from the list of game modes because thats exactly what has happened after the latest patch. There is only Skirmish, Hunt, Evactuation and Custom.

Arena is under Skirmish

Do you mean the word ‘Arena’ is under Skirmish or do you mean arena is now apart of skirmish? Either way I can no longer choose to play arena.

Arena is part of skirmish, as is hunt and defend

Skirmish is now including Arena, Hunt and Defend. Arena as a stand alone game mode is no longer available.

Go in Skirmish, and vote to skip everything but Arena if that’s what you want.