[Patch 5.1] Hotfix Discussion [Live on all platforms]

Urgh…i see thanks…

So do the matchmaking changes only apply to PS4? Are those changes already active on the other platforms?

To me that change suggests a PS4 specific issue being fixed.

Hm, Arena Mode is gone and now only in Skirmish? You could just let arena mode how it was.

Why arent there full patch notes? First thing noticed is the Dome Animation finaly fits the 1 second


There are

Actually, looking at it now, it does appear several items are missing. Looking into that now.

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As others have mentioned, Arena is in Skirmish now, along with Hunt and Defend. You can vote to skip modes if a mode comes up that you don’t want. This adds some variety and gives players a less formal/competitive Hunt mode.


Thanks for the clarification. I think some people won’t like the change at first, but I hope people will give it a chance and understand that a tighter choice between ranked, skirmish (new quick play style) and evac will help everyone have the fun they want.

That was missed in the notes. Thanks for the reminder. Added it now.


We’ve been playing this way for the last week or so in the office. I like it a lot. Keeps things fresh because the modes keeps cycling.


And they said i was wrong @Destroyer123123

Is that all???
Oh my Goliath

will they include in the near future though?

no nerf for jack then sigh

Hopefully with the Quick Match option put in we’ll see more balancing done on the extra modes. XD

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Yeah, we haven’t really seen Defend played without handicaps, except for some custom matches. So this will be interesting. We have one or two Arena mode adjustments already in the works.


stage 2 takes 18 meats now

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Excited about all the posibilities that could be done with Nest and Rescue

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@MacMan: Is there scope for adding Nest and/or Rescue to quick play in the future? If so then what were the decisions that lead to them not being included this time?

Good find. Adding it to the patch notes.