[Patch 5.1] Hotfix Discussion [Live on all platforms]


…oooooooooo… oh. That’s nice!


So is this currently live on all platforms or just PC? I saw Jess said PC it was live but console it was still “scheduled”

Question: can you still give sentries hats? Namely mines.

As the title says, based on the post linked to, all platforms now live :smile:

I certainly hope so, they made for excellent parkour as well.

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What are the higher level play reasons for implementing this? Kraken is too good at body camping with his ‘fire and forget’ mines and the rest of his arsenal. Its hard enough as it is right now imo. :neutral_face:


why is defend in skirmish

That’s been fixed haha at least I think

Sweeeeeet :grin:

The only thing that Im really excited for with this is this new quickplay. I have been wanting to play hunt without it being so competitive. Adding Defend in is really nice too, I love Defend and only get to play it in solo.


Because people enjoy defend, and they’ve asked in the forum and elsewhere for a way to play defend outside of Evac. I think TRS were flirting with the idea of including Rescue and Nest too but either didn’t feel they were balanced enough, or that there wasn’t enough interest for them.

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what rly? i never saw someone before “yaaaay defend” …^^

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The hotfix notes says matchmaking will now be based off glicko. That wasn’t sopoused to be from the beginning of hunt 2.0?

Woow, that’s major news, the game is more varied that way! Great addition!

I also suspect that this patch brings the code for the Meteor Goliath, to be unlocked later with a smaller patch? Or maybe it enables it altogether. So excited!

Meteor Goliath is unlocked tomorrow as per the original news announcement :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here! Although I do enjoy the match quality when I play monster more…I don’t want to have to go and play Evac just to do some good ol hunting and not worry about wait times/ranking being dropped.
And as a hunter I can play and not worry about dealing with idiots that will drop me; which means more fun for everyone because I won’t have to take it too serious either and can play around with comps and such.

That’s the only thing I care about :grin:

I like it… a lot actually.

Patch seems kinda big at 1.4gb on PC - is it all the meteor goliath?

Really…well then i wait untill tomorrow i thought he would be unlocked with the patch, hot fix.