Patch 5.0 Polls!

Names have to be on word, I think. Try it anyway

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What? Explainnnnnnn.

Doesn’t work.

broken poll is broken

He’s learning to use them. ^.^

Really? Don’t say.

I summon thee, one last time, @niaccurshi!

can you just edit it for me? I’m weeaboo trash. ;-;

Not even 24hrs since update went LIVE and you are trying to do 'all had time with changes/new content polls?


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The_Jackal, not The Jackal. It’s a naming system to allow multiple polls, not a title thing

  • Yes! I like Jack.
  • No! I’m not really that into Jack.

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  • I like the new balancing changes!
  • I dislike the new balancing changes!

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  • Rapterror git gud!
  • Please!

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  • I really like the new Meteor Goliath!
  • I don’t particularly like the adaptation.

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  • I enjoy the new Hunt 2.0!
  • I’m not too fond of Hunt 2.0.

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  • This is an awesome map!
  • This map doesn’t interest me.

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He wants titles.

I want titles on them. I also want them to be in the OP. Not down here.

Still been long enough for people to have a general opinion. :confused:

The_Jackal, not the Jackal

You’ll have to add titles, names and titles are different

Screw it, I’m done. Won’t allow me because it’s been over five minutes since I made the thread.

What even is the purpose of that rule?

I think it’s so you can’t take out polls with results you don’t like/try to rig them

I guess that makes sense. Still, I hadn’t made a poll yet. It just wouldn’t let me add any to a preexisting thread.

Yeah, it’s not the best rule that you can’t add/remove polls after 5 mins.

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Really? To try each monster,hunter and Hunt 2.0 with its matchmaking issues and all in less then 24hrs of release.

More interesting to see who votes but I would have ran the polls after a week.

Just my opinion

I’m sorry that the time I posted this wasn’t up to par with your expectations of a good time to probe people’s opinions.

Oh well! Nothing we can do about it now! :smiley:

Why can’t the 116% percent just come to an understanding?

I made that poll a multiple one