Patch 5.0 Notes

I think a lot of us are pretty stoked! If the word gets out there I really hope it brings players back to the game, and also new players as well!

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It’s pretty important that we as a community play our part. We don’t know what TRS/2K have planned to advertise this so it’s best we don’t rest on our laurels and get in touch with people that we know used to play but don’t seem to any more and let them know about this update, point them to this thread!

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The patch brought down the burst damage of monsters, but is bringing up their ability to put sustained damage on hunters. So overall a monster’s damage output is relatively unchanged. Which is why medics haven’t been adjusted in terms of healing.

The Cabot nerf has been stated to be intended to stop him from being overwhelming in fights against stage 1 and 2 monsters, since the goal is to increase the frequency of engagements.

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Yer PC. Just tried again but no joy. Waste of time and cash so far. I had 1 online game and now nothing. I’ve check firewall rules to make sure its not being block, antivirus firewall checked. Checked the cache, no issues. Not wasting more time on this until I hear of some sort of proper solution from the Devs as to what is going on and how they are going to fix it.

Not sure if it’s already been asked, but what bugs are being fixed? Specifically Behemoth’s.

Check out the pinned bug fixes thread

Since I can’t reply there, the tongue grab issue is seriously the only thing getting fixed for him? He has worse bugs that should have been prioritized.

Like what? I don’t believe that bug list is exhaustive, and there have been on stream chats with the devs that state a whole bunch of things have been fixed.

The air roll glitch and getting stuck on wildlife is getting fixed.

Was about to point those two out, thanks. Another one I unfortunately didn’t record was I was playing Arena as Behemoth and I was on the map that has a cave right behind a Tyrant (can’t think of the name) and I got stuck in that entrance by the Tyrant and a little to the right and left. When I tried to move away or out of the cave it acted like I was walking into a solid wall.

There was a bunch of getting stuck in geometry fixes too :smile:

Sweet… So why aren’t the air roll and roll VS wildlife fixes in the bug fixes notes?

Because they aren’t exhaustive, they’re just the latest update of fixes that have been able to be pulled together and posted on the forum.

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I thought Shaners said it was complete?

Most of the mêlée decreases at Stage 3 were about 5% changes, whereas the Rail Amp change is a full 30%.

It doesn’t seem balanced, even if you adjust for health scaling.

As a Medic main, I can already forsee Cabot not being able to corral a Monster with the Amp decrease.

Old Damage Amp used to be able to strip away a monsters armour in no time, with less stage 1 armour this is too much. So they’ve lowered the per-ammo effect of the damage amp but also increased the reload speed from empty so there is more availability of the amp. The devs themselves have said in a couple of places here that it feels like it is just as effective as before the patch.

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They also reduced the charge time from empty. Which most of the time a mine or a mortar strike or thunder strike would empty it.

god damnit @niaccurshi

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That banks on having the capacity emptied. Most of the time, I’d never hit empty. Seems like too much of a buff for empty time and an unnecessary blow to partial.

Mind you, I’m playing with premades.

If you’re not letting it hit empty I doubt you’re going to see a change then.

It’s not that I don’t let it - it’s more that it doesn’t happen.

Good Monsters always break LoS with Cabot around.
It only benefits if the Monster is trying to tank hits. A tanking Monster is more likely to be Stage2/3, so I only forsee it affecting pub play on lower levels where they aren’t dodging as much.