Patch 5.0 Notes

good luck with that. Oh and…splash dmg doesn’t count.

Are you talking about the rock donk?

I never go for splash damage. its all about the DIRECT HIT BBY!

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Hehe…oh this should be good.

Umm, the what? Haven’t heard that term before.


See :smiley:


It isnt that hard hitting rocks 100% in a game

All the time, every time? Yeah…I don’t think so…

Are those previous patches? :confused:
It was being used in the Beat the Pro’s tournament on stream…

Beat the Pro was using the current build, not the 5.0 patch?

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Alright, so it’s future patch. All I wanted to know. o.O
That’s good then. ^.^

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MajorLeeHyper told me that they’re still working on the fast rock throw.

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As long as it’s being worked on, that’s good enough for me. ^.^

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Fair enough, now that I see that’s from a much earlier patch note in that thread, so I’d go with @Sentry_Gun’s knowledge!

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That’s why I was confused as to what patch 'twas in. o.O


thats because its my term. But im guess you mean rock smash? Ive seen that one thrown around. Also i thought they fixed that on the 3rd title update

So what will these sneak changes do to make it a more viable tactic? Anyone know if the “2 free meals” includes eats in areas where birds can’t spawn anyway? Like if I eat 2 kills under a structure or in a cave where birds never spawn, do those count as my free meals even though there wasn’t any risk anyway?

Seemed like the wraith in the balance video got birds on her 2nd or 3rd eat. Making sneak a viable tactic would really help some of the issues monsters have escaping hunters.

It’s able to be used currently. The exploit where you can leap smash, then instantly throw a rock.

You can definitely waste your free meats by eating them indoors. In the current deployed version 1 meat is always free, and I have eaten my first meat indoors many times only to have my second spawn birds.

I thought that was actually a thing D: was i a bad goliath for doing that?!