Patch 5.0 Notes

Well, prepatch the medic could out heal everything by himself on stage 1 so damage comps like bucket or Cabot were destructive (minus the fact buckets turrets were horrible) so yeah I think evened out stage. 1 and two to where monsters can compete stage 1 but the medic can compete now stage 2

Kraken nerf of coure.
Cabot underpowert.

After more than 200h of hard gaming all I can say is that the most stupid thing my eyes have ever seen is that the hunters can revive on hunting mode…fuck you, just fuck you even if you fix this.

donno agree :-p

Oh you know what i noticed. You cant put rock wall in your face anymore :0. Sadfrog.jpg

Hey Make you vote over here what u think guys.

Arena is a bit to big i think. can we make it 5% smaller.

Hot swapping bug while playing as Sunny must be fixed. Perhaps the most annoying thing ever. Have any1 else even noticed this? I posted about this day1 when patch came live.

Plz make the penalty time not more than 5 min.
I have on an average 5 game frezze per day. And some time 15 min penalty time for a frezze this is not your serious.

wohoo next freeze and now i have wait 25 min jeahahh really

next frezze 15 wait time its too much i play a other Game bye bye

You on PC?

I took a break from Evolve due to the long matchmakings, since I was getting 2 matches per hour. I know TRS is working on it. And when I find four people there’s that person who is still picky and leaves. LIKE JUST CHOOSE A ROLE MAN! It’s not cool.

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XB1 and i have most 3-5 game frezze per Day and for every one i get 15-25 min punishment time, that is bad.

Lol in my head I heard Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. :grin:

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Waiting for people to stay in and choose any role be like :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I’m done with Evolve for a while.

Ever since the Hunt 2.0 my w/l ratio has been around 25%.
So either I’m terrible after 200 hours, or matchmaking is bad because the population is too low on PC to sustain proper ranked games without insane wait times.

matchmaking has slight issues with placing hunters atm.

There is no way for it to sort and place them within the bronze ranks, so many good players get trapped in bronze by their bad team mates, and thus the issue is that they end up fighting good monsters with mediocre teams, and can’t rise through the ranks.

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From what I’ve seen t1-2 monsters are much stronger but now t3 is kinda meh and almost pointless. Also behemoth tounge grab is very glitchy and unreliable for me now.

T3 is meh? So t2 (which you say is strong) but with a LOT more Armour is meh?