[Patch 5.0] New Trapper - Jack discussion


Jack is the new trapper joining the hunt on shear! He’s spent his time surviving using tech made from shear’s scrapyards. He is set for release August 11th, this coming Tuesday along with the Hunt 2.0 update, the Murder Pits map for arena, and more.


Dual Pistols - Jack has four pistols. He dual wields two as the other set are on recharge.

Repulsion Field - Jack fires a force-field that can stop monsters dead in their tracks. It appears to snap to monsters, adding a trapper to the beam team. It can stop a goliath’s charge, and both hold a kraken at bay during an aftershock or push it toward the ground if angled properly.

More on the beam:

Satellite Scanning - Jack places a spike that sends lasers out in all directions. It detects monsters, footprints, and elite wildlife

Official Reveal Video and Links

Hunt 2.0 + Balance Changes - General Discussion
New T5 Trapper: Jack - General Discussion thread
JACK IS OUT! your thoughts here
JACK IS OUT! your thoughts here
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New T5 Trapper: Jack - General Discussion thread
ps4 downloading!


He is OP. He has 2 sets of dual pistols.


I really want to watch that video again, anyone has it to upload?


As someone who is at work and can’t watch the stream I second this motion.


Ok so everything is being released august 11th?


I believe he has 2 sets of pistols.

Might add that they give you info like elite buffs, tracks, and the monster.


If only you could team him up with Griffin so the Monster literally can’t go anywhere.


It is four pistols :slight_smile: Still adding details and getting images for everyone. I’ll keep updating as it goes!


You said 4 sets. Implying that he has 8 pistols.


Can’t wait to try him out. I main trapper so I have been looking forward to this guy more than any other T5 character.

I have so many questions, I hope we see gameplay soon. I mean… two sets of dual pistols? Is there reload time? That force field looks like he is shooting Kamehameha. The sattelite scan looks pretty cool.


I’m totes super hyped for the new trapper ^^
I’m sure his -4- pistols won’t be all that damaging though XD
My only concern currently is for his tracking method; hopefully it’s not as OP as it sounds =o…
guess we’ll find out Tuesday~! ^^


Dammit @Takran , ninja’d again. :stuck_out_tongue:


I got permabanned because i said “time to Jack off” and forgot to kappa. Gg. It was just a matter of time I suppose. Hyperino got the best of me. Can’t wait to test him out.


He sounds like a version of Griffin, but instead of stopping the monster from going away from you he stops him going towards you?
I bet the spike-thingy isn’t as effective as sound spikes covering the maps in the late-game, but it might be really effective placing as you land to get the early game chase, but we’ll see.


He looks awesome, but I feel like something is missing. Slight disappoint but I main trapper and feel like I’ll like this man.



He looks great all I need to say.


Him and laz. Gg.


New meta lol. Laz. Sunny. Jack. Hyde