Patch 5.0 is killing me

It might just be me but this patch is pissing me off. Im going to have to re learn how to play monster or something. I’ve played 12 games and only have one once. I was playing before the patch today and was averaging about six to seven wins out of every 10 games. I don’t know what the problem is. anyone else having issues

The monster plays are quite different now but we just have to get used to it and we should be on our feet and ready to destroy aome pubs again.

Give it about a week or two max.


Yeah just give it some time. My first placement match was against Source_TV. Needless to say we got our butts kicked in about three minutes flat. In fact I didn’t win any of my first 7 placement matches. But I did notice I was getting matched up a little bit better once I actually got my rank.

This is just one of those things that needs a little marinating.

My friends and I are trying to learn how to fight a Wraith again lol
The last one just beat us to crap at Stage 2 in the Broken Hill Mines. I’ve also never gotten the Mines so much before, and I’m really not a fan of that map.

Ya im done playing now. 1 win out of 15 matches. I got to stage 3 with full health and died in 2 domes. After getting shot with crow stasis gun I didn’t even move really. it used to just slow the monsters down. I’ve mainly been playing Goliath I did a little experiment and had a couple of my friends that have never played before do a round as hunters and they won. the monster was doing a great job too. something went seriously wrong with this balance

I’m winning most of mine, but the problem is how long it takes to get a match. Ist too long!
And I have Jack but suddenly locked? Wtf.

just played three matches as hunters and won them all easily. And your right it takes forever to get a m

Im bronze master and ive been getting silver master mach ups

Monster players are still trying to make the old “cookie cutter” builds work (one guy was lamenting the ineffectiveness of 3 flame breath 3 leap smash.fact is having 4 abilities is better than 3 now. You need to change up the way you play.

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Weird, I’ve won all my matches so far and it doesn’t seem like anyone has gotten any better, lol. Not that I expected the hunters to be godlike but… Nothing has changed.
Even though its ranked… Pugs are still pugs, yah?

What about your other team mates? If they’re still not ranked yet the system could just be trying to put them up against higher level monsters to see how they fair. It might not be solely based on you. It definitely sucks right now for a lot of people. But once everybody gets ranked things will start to settle and you’ll be playing with even matched players.

It might be me. Ive tried different builds, perks, techniques, etc. So far no luck. Lost every game except the first one. Sad part is ive only had 17 games in 6 hours. Never backed out or anything. Set a stop watch a few times and was averaging 10 mins between games finding hunters.

Im only playing monster right now. As a hunter i won every game with ease.

I pretty much had the opposite experience. Although I did win about half of my monster placement matches. I think I even had a few rage quitters on me. But you are right the wait times have definitely gotten a bit longer. I’m probably going to take your idea and start timing them myself. It took me all day just to get all 20 of my placement matches.

This has been a humbling experience for me, to be sure. Only one 1/7 placement games thus far. Couple steam rolls, lotta inability to find monster before stage 2 due to team mates not spreading out, trapper not using tracking methods enough, etc. Getting into a dome at an inopportune time, location, or position relative to support, medic, or trapper. Quite demoralizing, actually. I kinda feel like I suck at this game. I play assault, and feel I punish pretty hard in the domes, but it’s never enough; one of the defensive characters goes down, dies, and we lose. ;_;

Monster has significantly changed in Hunt 2.0. You can’t really just win against any pub team (except somewhat organised pubs) anymore. Lets just wait and see how playing monster will be in a few weeks once everyone has a feel for the game again.

I’m past my placement matches and have yet to lose a game. I’ve played two premades, and those are definitely harder fights than before. But a lot of it is re-learning monster. Like, I barely even know how Charge works, let alone what combos well with it and how to most effectively push someone with it. Builds you’ve never used and basically re-done abilities will make it take a little while to get back into the swing.

Before this patch I would always take 3 points in one ability at each stage and it’s worked out pretty well for me. I’ve discovered since hunt 2.0 that it’s a little bit impractical. Having a varied skill set is a little bit more effective I think.

I like to use charge right after a three hit combo, usually by the time you get in those hits the hunters are attempting to dodge and the extra speed from the charge can keep you up with them if you’re trying to focus on that one player.

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Yeah, 3 points in one ability will never work with this patch. As Goliath I’ve been going 1/1/1 Rock/Fire/Leap, then 3/1/2, and finally 3 Rock 2 Fire, with either 3 Leap 1 Charge or 2 Leap 2 Charge. I think I like 3/2/2/2 better.

I straight won all 10 matches. But also noticed that the jetpack is alot different now