[Patch 5.0] Hunt 2.0 (Ranked Mode) discussion

Hunt 2.0 replaces the “Hunt” option in “skirmish” for Multiplayer games in Evolve. It is the often rumoured “Ranked Mode”!

Please use this thread to discuss your experiences of using Hunt 2.0! If you instead want information and specific Q&A from the Devs, please use this topic:

The latest patch notes can be found here:

ok thank you for saying this. I thought it was a WHOLE NEW MODE

edit first off, I want to say that I’m very excited to try this new mode out and I think it’s something that will greatly improve the game.

I have a minor concern though, and it’s that it sounds like the matchmaking system will lump up your skill as all of the monsters or all of the hunters into one number. But your skill with each different character could be wildly different.

So let’s say for example that I am a highly skilled wraith player and I rank up to a high level in ranked mode… but I decide to play as another monster once in awhile. Or the new monster that’s coming out. Will I still be getting matched up against highly competitive hunter players, if I’m playing as a character I’ve barely or never played before?

Yes. Practice makes perfect

My only concern, is that they have made numerous balance changes all at once. Multiple different Hunters are being changed, Bucket has a nice buff, got a new Hunter, and with all of that the base value of Monster basic attacks, along with their movement speed out of combat and instant domes, I fear that multiple problems might crop up and be hard to pin point.

Yes, this was confirmed by @Miel I think. The only real answer here is either keep maining your best characters in order to get up the ranks, or play everything and accept that you might be hampered in your rank by doing so.

@DontLetMeEvolve you want this thread…

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Will some of the features of Hunt 2.0 be implemented into Arena and Evac such as not joining in progress games and will games of Arena and Evac count towards your rank or will it only be Hunt 2.0 that does that now?

As I understand it, Skirmish (Hunt 2.0) will be the only mode that incorporates rank. Arena and Evac are outside of that.

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@LurknAsn Is correct.

Right now there’s so many obsolete Hunters:- Cabot,Griffin,Parnell, come to mind

With Parnell you need health regen as a must really

I think quite a few people would disagree with you there :wink:
Parnell is good in the hands of an accurate assault who knows what he’s doing
I’d love to defend Cabot, but I don’t currently feel that the damage out put he provides is equal to the damage output of a full team due to Hanks shields. Sure he’s fun, but not exactly viable. Especially in pubs, which is a pity as he was used a lot pre-nerf

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Why use Griffin when Jacks miles better, his repulser is better than griffs harpoon his akimbos are better than grifs smg and his survey satelitte is better than griffs sound spikes

Cabot is actually used in Gold 1-5 on PC… That’s incorrect.
Though he does take specific characters with him, such as Lazarus.

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Something tells me Jack might be getting a little nerf at some point :’(
Sound spikes help keep track of the monster across the whole map, whereas you only get 1 satellite per like 30s. Some strong sneak game can throw Jack off your trail completely.
Griffins harpoons can be used more often than Jack’s repulsor, but Jacks repulsor gives so much free time, that I’m inclined to agree with you. AND Jack can use his to defend himself.

So yeah, maybe Jack is better ATM, but don’t expect his reign of superiority to last :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, this doesn’t seem the right place to be talking about this? Feel free to make a thread, but in this little bug thread, these comments don’t really fit…

I didn’t make the thread,your right this shouldn’t be under bugs should it lol

Kind of. A good Griffin can ALWAYS know where you are on the map. Jack usually only knows your general direction.

Oh, Jack will be nerfed. He’s spammed in Gold 1-5 right now, and run with Sunny/Hank/Lazarus. Can’t touch him, quite literally.

That’s why everyone is playing Kraken in Gold 1-2 on monsters right now, because hunters are using the trappers defensive capabilities to boost their rank on the leaderboards.

I highly doubt Jack will be nerfed. Definitely not before Slim is.

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I imagine he will. He’s too powerful with Cap with certain builds, no monster has been able to break Gold 2 against monsters due to defensive comps/offensive comps with him.
I’m Silver 4 with Behemoth, and I’m having to face Gold 1-5 still.