Patch 5.0 Experience with Ranked

It’s generally taken around five to six minutes to get into a game each time, so no complaints with wait time.

Match 1, Loss: Guy who was bossing us around quit out of the game the moment Hank fell, and the monster ended up winning. We would of won had he stayed and ran, seeing as how the monster was half health S1.

Players: Elite Laz (Me), Elite Hank, Maggie, Markov, Goliath

Match 2, Win: REALLY close game. Mainly because Kraken ran in every dome, even at S3.

Players: Elite Slim (Me), Cabot, Maggie, Markov, Kraken

Will be editing and adding the rest when I come back from my haircut.

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What part of “10 CALIBRATION games” don’t people understand?
I really don’t see any merit in discussing them.

Because maybe I feel like it? I’ll discuss how my first 10 CALIBRATION games go if I damn well please.


Im really concerned for myself right now. I have won 5/6 matches in calibration so far. If i keep this streak up, im afraid im going to end up in a high bracket and get the spanking of my life in the very first match.

As for wait times, yeah they are a bit long. But i definitely prefer this since i KNOW im going to be playing monster.

If you get spanked afterwards, it will just push you down into a lower bracket and you’ll be matched up with equally skilled players. So it will fix itself with enough games played.

Yeah, I’m worried too, but for a different reason. Two of my matches we could have won if some stupid guy hadn’t bailed on us each match thinking we were on the losing side. Couple that with the other three matches of the 7 I’ve played, and I’m gonna be placed in a lower bracket than I should be.

What the hell determines how many points you get in a match?

I’ve either been getting 1 or 5 (or 6 can’t remember now) per match win.

I’ve been going all 15 of my games with constant wins but my problem right now is the damn glitch with the Wraiths traversals. Almost lost a match because of the damn thing warping to the Assault right next to me instead of the Support up high.

Its been really fun wish this was at launch.
Wondering how the points system works.
I wish they would remove the wildlife buffs.

This new matchmaking feels like the death of Pubing. If before, four randoms had to be really good to even stand against one good monster, imagine how it is now.I think I’ve won 1 out 5 games and we barely won that one anyway since our medic was a Laz who was always within spitting distance of the Behemoth. How am I supposed to get out of the trenches when I’m getting paired with medics who don’t even know how to heal themselves or heal in general. And no if I have to to get on the mic just to tell someone how to press R1, I think it’s safe to say we’re gonna lose. Looks like you’ll have to play in a party if you want to get out of placement hell, which is what I’m gonna have to do because the chances of randoms beating these buffed monsters is extremely small.

I assume the monster changes will make pro level play better, but to get any enjoyment out of the game it looks like I’m gonna have to stick to pre mades which is awful.It’s hard to find a group that won’t yell at each other since Evolve can be so frustrating, but the difficulty of a pub match with the odd matchmaking decisions means a pre made is your only hope. I find it hilarious that you now have to run to your class because in most cases this is what’ll happen, “Hah, I got the trapper”. And the person who didn’t says NOPE, so I have to find another match and hope that I get my preferred class and hope that whoever didn’t won’t leave.

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