Patch 4.0.0 & 4.0.1 Discussion Thread

Did that entail breaking matchmaking on PC? So much weird shit going on tonight. Queueing up in a group of 4, only to get one of our guys tossed into the monster slot in an entirely different game. We backed out, and 2 of us were back to the lobby screen but the third had been stuck into the monster slot of yet another game.

I’ve also gotten the device hung error for the third time tonight. They always seem to hit me on the night that patches drop.

Dont feed the troll.

You have my full support. but look at it the other way, the window fullscreen fix is finally done after six month of asking for it, it barely didn’t make it into this update. But the next for sure. Simultaneously with the rez bug and all the other things that are not working properly yet. So just be patient for another three month until the next title update comes.
In the meantime we can enjoy ourselves with this amazing new patch that introduced this cool assault and some weird new sound bugs. She is really cool but you most likely will not play her for another three days because a lot of people wants to play her and almost everyone not getting her is leaving. No wonder she is so strong, she has to solo the monster :wink:

I wonder how her telemetry will look after a week, wouldn’t be surprised if she gets buffed :slight_smile:

Well of to work that i can come home early today and try my best to play some public games tonight. Looking forward to that…

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Were the temporary Kraken changes(harpoon, tranq and stasis pull) reverted in this patch now that they fixed them effecting him?

STILL no fix to borderless windowed minimizing.


One question about the patch for the wraith, ¿are the changes now on the ps4 version or only on the pc version?

-More Health and Armor
-Improve the Supernova and more fixes

Fix looks good but didn’t make it into this patch. Should be on next PC patch. Bug thread here: Are we EVER going to get a fix with windowed fullscreen minimizing?

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Mortar Cannon
Mortar Cannon has 33% longer reload time.
code of the mortars to cause a wider spread of the mortars landing when
firing straight up into the sky reducing their effectiveness at mid to
close range as was intended, but reduced spread being too large in
general and when firing down from a high point.

This was in the patchnotes previously and removed because it was in previous patchnotes. But wait!

TorvaldMortarGravity reduced to -10 (was -20)Explosion min_radius reduced to 4 (was 5)Explosion max_radius reduced to 8 (was 9)Mortar Cannon reload time increased from 4.5 seconds to 6 seconds

This is not exactly the same! The reload is ok, but does this mean that gravity is back at -10 where it was actually realistic to hit? :smiley:

What does “Title will crash when searching for a match from multiplayer” mean? Does it mean if the sign-in prompt is missing, then it crashes?

Or does it mean this in now a new bug for some people?

Does it mean they fixed a bug where the title will crash sometimes? And they left off the words “Fixed a case where”?

A buddy’s game crashes everytime he joins multiplayer. Solo is fine. I’m wondering if this is related. Was still happening post patch.

This have may already been said, but when switching weapons and then holding the right trigger straight away to aim down sights, the weapon is not to be seen, only after realising the trigger and pressing it down again the weapon is visible.

@MacMan @MajorLeeHyper Can we get some explanation for this? Spent quite some time with Aegis looking at this and still can’t work out what it actually means.

we didn’t get a reduced evolve time on consoles. all monsters got were nerfs on consoles

You will no longer almost kill yourself by activating Super Soldier during Sudden Death in Arena Mode :slight_smile:

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I’m sad I hadn’t heard of this bug before the patch. It must have been hilarious to watch.

I’ve never minded any nerfs/buffs until now, the evolve timer buff for monsters is absolutely ridiculous now. You lose almost all of the time you get to hit monster when they are vulnerable now. even if you are close you only get 2 seconds or so to do damage before it takes off

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Thats the intention behind it…

but now there is very little penalty for evolving, before monster had to actually juke or get a good lead to have a safe evolve, now you can just get a little ahead of the hunters and you can finish your evolve up before or as they reach you. Evolving should be a risk, and the risk has been lowered significantly

its a bandaid for the current meta of not doming stage 1

i know its because of that but its still significant. This is the biggest buff a monster has been given since release. Plus that wont change not doming

They should have decreased the time to get in the cocoon instead of the time while you are in the cocoon. While I’m all on the monster side of things, that evolving took too long. I’m on the hunter side that the cocoon is a bit short.

I actually like this change. No longer are you able to sit there and do significant damage to a monster who’s evolving when you were over 120 meters away when the evolution started. It puts it pretty much in the realm that the monster might not escape the dome (probably won’t) but will at least be mobile.