Patch 2.0 (Xbox One, PS4, PC) -- New Characters are now LIVE


This patch adds the new Hunters and Monster, as well as 2 maps (Xbox one only until April 30), Observer Tool, and more.

Patch Notes

  • Tier 4 Hunters
  • Torvald
  • Sunny
  • Slim
  • Crow
  • Behemoth
  • 2 New Maps for XB1… April 30th for PC & PS4
  • Updated Post-Round Replay Controls
  • Observer Tool
  • Audio Improvements to Dropship Conversations…there should be more of them playing now
  • Further Improvements to saving progression
  • PC Specific:
  • Added protections against known cheats
  • Made improvements to alleviate of DXGI_DEVICE_ERROR_HUNG
  • XB1 Specific:
  • Fixed issue that would keep a player from re-joining a game they were disconnected from
  • Fixed issue that would cause a player to become out of sync with other players in a match if they reconnected to a match
  • PS4 Specific:
  • Improved voice chat audio quality
  • Fixed issue where players could sometimes end up in the wrong game mode
  • Fixed issue where the server would not allow players to join in progress
  • Various progression balance changes – Same changes as Xbox One and PC in 1.1
  • Other Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred if a player disconnected after using Vortex
  • Fixed the tracking dart sound playing for monster when Abe darts wildlife
  • Fixed situations where AI sometimes fell through the world after using Teleport Gates
  • Fix rare crash when AIs would grapple the player
  • Fix rare crash when late-joining a game while another player was using personal shield or cloak
  • Fix rare server crash when a player disconnects while teleporting or gliding.
  • Fixed issue with playable Ebonstar Soldier

Balance Changes (Xbox One, PS4)

- **All Monsters** - Minor maintenance and improvements - All monsters can see recent damage on their health bar to help make burst damage visible.
  • Kraken - Fixing some flight edge cases that were causing inconsistencies making him too powerful or too weak depending on the situation.

    • Vortex
      • Cooldown increased by one second.
      • Reduced knockback magnitude.
    • Tranq Darts, Stasis Grenades and Harpoons pull Kraken down at a consistent rate regardless of whether he is in combat or out of combat. (they used to stack outside of combat)
    • Kraken’s flight speed is no longer slowed by Tranqs since they pull him to the ground where running speed is affected.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing Aftershock to not break harpoon traps or Arc Mines.
  • Wraith - Making her movement speed less bursty which makes her easier to keep track of. Making Supernova less lethal while still allowing it to be just as powerful. Making Warp Blast a damage dealer instead of a traversal mechanic.

    • Warp speed reduced 25%
    • Supernova duration decreased by 50%
    • Decoy
      • Wraith becomes visible for half a second when shot while cloaked.
      • Increased cooldown time by 2 seconds.
    • Warp Blast
      • Speed reduced by 40%
      • Range no longer levels up.
      • Radius levels up now.
      • Max travel distance set to 30 meters for all levels.
      • Damage increased by 10%.
  • Markov

    • Arc Mine
      • Damage reduced by 20%
      • Fixed a bug where damage extended past the trigger radius.
      • Health reduced by 75%
      • Arm time increased by one second.
  • Hyde - Making Toxic Grenade a more effective area of denial weapon while also making it less spammy. Buffing Hyde’s overall damage output.

    • Toxic Grenade
      • DPS increased by 50%
      • Added proximity detonation (works vs airborne Kraken now)
      • Reduced fire rate
      • Reduced lifetime by 15%
    • Minigun
      • Accuracy increased by 25%
      • Damage increased by 20%
  • Parnell

    • Multifire Rocket launcher has better accuracy while jumping and jetpacking
  • Maggie

    • Harpoon Traps - Arm time increased by one second.
  • Griffin

    • Sound Spike
      • Now detect stealthing monsters within a 15 meter radius
      • Radius increased from 50 to 60 meters.
  • Bucket

    • Guided Missile Launcher damage increased 11%
  • Cabot

    • Rail Cannon
      • Damage reduced by 30%
      • Reload time increased by 25%
  • Val - Increasing her overall effectiveness.

    • Medgun
      • Heals 20% faster
      • Consumes ammo 2.5x faster.
    • Tranq duration increased to 10 seconds (was already 10 seconds on Wraith, now other monsters match)
  • Caira

    • Acceleration Field - Cooldown increased by 15 seconds.

I’m unable to play the new Hunters/Monster, even in a solo custom Evac match, even though I prepurchased/preordered
All characters are now available. If you are still encountering this issue, please contact 2K Support (

All new characters are now available.

The Leviathan skin is now available.

I preordered Behemoth but I don’t see him in my game
Please contact your retailer and make sure you have obtained a code for Behemoth.

I purchased and/or the Deluxe Edition/PC Monster Race/Season Pass but I can’t see the Hunters/Monsters in my game
You will only receive Behemoth for free if you preordered Evolve. For further assistance please contact 2K Support (

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