Patch 1.3 Kraken Aftershock broken


With the removal of slows affecting floating Krakens both lightning strike and aftershock allow full movement while active. This is such a huge buff it’s unbelievable. 3 point aftershock stage one have amaizing inescapable burst and mobility and stage 2 lightning strike is just a nail in the coffin with completely free repositioning. Seriously go try it, it’s pure lunacy.

I was wondering why kraken was feeling so strong since his patch.


Aftershock has always been amazing.


I know, I’ve mained aftershock kraken for over a month now. But this is actually legitimatly broken. You zip around like crazy.


You can move full spread with aftershock now? That is an unnecessary buff


Damage Resist brawler Aftershock Kraken is one of the most fun builds in the game. It’s risky, but with the right use of Banshee Mines and Vortex you can corner-lock Hunters and shred through them. A lot of Hunters expect a long range Kraken and don’t know how to deal with one getting up in their face.


hmm… i’ll have to check that out… if that’s legit i wonder if it was intentional or not… @MacMan?


Okay, now this change to his flight code… this is not a change I approve of. And I saw that build happen since the buff. It’s ridiculous.

The real question here is: Why the hell would you tell this to the plebs? I don’t want to get beaten by an Aftershock Kraken all the time, the LS buff is more than enough.


Hu. That must have been a bug or hack. I’m running aftershock right now. We can’t move at will, still slow as fuck. Same lightning strike.


Are you on pc and are you touching the ground? It still slows on the ground. Purely an in air buff.


that shouldn’t have happened. They only adjusted the effect of slows on kraken (tranqs, stasis nades etc) not his overall movement, so aftershock should still function the same. Either a bug in the coding or the way they did it changed more than they thought if that’s the result you’re getting. According to all patch notes I’ve seen and everything macman has said, what you’re getting wasn’t in the plan haha.


pretty much. This is why I lol when ppl try to say Goliath is as good as Kraken


Really? I always put three into lightning strike, Answer mines, and vortex. I never really liked aftershock, as people always dodged it. That plus I’m usually in the air during combat.


My build consists of one point into everything EXCEPT aftershock every stage. I like to play a non-stop flying Kraken who really punishes the entire team when one member goes down.


That sounds like a good plan on paper but you will not get a down on stage 1 with that damage output. I would argue that even on Stage 2 it is highly unlikely vs Caira Hank. The damage is just so low, but i will try it later today.


Really? Try it with cooldown reduction. But, I agree against a good Caira AND Hank it would be difficult. But then again, getting a strike is hard against a good Caira AND Hank with any build. As long as you can chain your abilities together this build is very powerful. Try to only use one banshee mine at a time because spamming them pretty much make two of the three ineffective.


Shooting only one does absolutely nothing becauee they will instantly get shot down. I am happy if one of three lands.
CDR is imo inferior to DI because even against hank every bit of damage counts. A hunter has to go down as fast as possible to not get caira chance to heal. Sure having abilities faster is a good thing, but when after every volley the progress is lost, that doesn’t do a thing.


Patch notes.

“Kraken - Fixing some flight edge cases that were causing inconsistencies making him too powerful or too weak depending on the situation.”



Aftershock is the easiest attack to dodge in the entire game, barring charge and maybe abduction. If you seriously need slows to keep it down, something’s not right. Not to mention that while it might not be affected by slows it’s movement speed is halved during the attack.

Lightning Strike on the ground denies any movement at all and in the air it’s so minor that I can’t believe it’s being noticed.

I might be completely wrong, but I think Macman or any of the devs would agree right now with telemetry that no one ever uses Aftershock but a few people like me. I tied -and failed- to convince @MaddCow the other day that it’s actually useful. Granted, I think Banshee Mines are completely useless and he parades them about like the best thing since sliced bread, but he’s the hyper competitive monster player.

If the fantastic competitive monster player who knows Kraken better than his own back hand thinks aftershock needs a buff to even be viable, I think this conversation is a bit one sided.


Aftershock with three points is straight up crazy damage. I kite the hunters around the dome dropping banshee mines and melee. Once I think their jet packs are done, I pop Aftershock and they’re wrecked. If not, one more mine will down them.

Also, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to land to use Aftershock.


Aftershock DOES NOT HALF YOUR MOVESPEED. That is the whole point of the thread. If you take speed perk even jet boosting twice or three times won’t get them out of it. It’s litterally 100% garenteed dmg. Considering it does half or so of a hunters hp how that garenteed it useless I’ll leave you to explain in your mightyness.