Passive Evolution *Revised*


I very recently noticed someone’s post on the concept of “passive evolution” for monsters, and thought the idea was pretty fascinating (as well as filled with possibilities).

My take on passive evolution would work towards solving an “issue” that many hunters have faced: a monster that refuses to fight. We’ve all been in those matches, and we’ve all been told (reasonably) that it’s not the monsters fault, it’s the point of the game for the monster to escape until they feel strong enough to actually fight.

Thus, the only real reason for a monster to engage before stage 3 (unless trapped) is to attempt to get strikes. However, I feel like the concept of passive evolution could act as extra encouragement for tentative monsters.

Here’s how it would work:

The Monsters are super-organisms. They’re massive, vicious beasts capable of rapidly morphing into stronger forms fueled by organic intake. Therefore, they should be able to “adapt” to combat situations. Therefore, passive evolution functions based on the specific hunter a monster faces. Essentially, each time you engage in combat with the hunters and take damage, get hit with stasis and harpoons, etc, you gain very slight passive buffs.

Facing Hyde? Extended flamethrower exposure creates a thicker hide and gives you slight buffs against fire damage

Getting constantly stasised by Abe? Increased muscle mass allows you to move slightly faster out of stasis grenades.

and so forth,

Each time you fight the hunters, these buffs stack slightly, giving you increased incentive to strategically engage hunters.

Once you’ve fought the hunters, you make your escape, and after a duration of time (or after you’ve exited combat) the buffs you’ve accumulated begin to appear (perhaps indicated by a slight bubbling on the skin, similar to the evolution cocoon) and you’ve gained your very slight buffs.

A tiered system can also be introduced, in which engagements at stage I lend the greatest buffs for fighting, while stage II lends smaller buffs and stage III lends no buffs at all (and by reaching stage III all buffs are erased, because this is the final form and you shouldn’t need a buff crutch at final form).

Just an idea, and I’d love to flesh it out more. Let me know what y’all think.




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I cannot imagine the bugs and glitches this would cause.


I hate it with the passion of a thousand suns.


I was on the fence about the idea but when u said that the buffs would dissappear at stage 3 I began loving it. One of the biggest reasons I play as monster more is because hunter is just mostly running around trying to catch a monster that doesn’t want to be caught. So if the monster actually had a reason to fight early on I’d start playing hunter way more and probably enjoy monster even more.




Harsh. But Passionate.

Seems that the jury is out and the idea is voted down. Fair enough, just a proposition.


In theory, this sounds really cool and fun to try.

In practice, I think it would lead to a lot of weird gamebreaking dynamics (Like the hunters not wanting to attack at all)

Also, I think the devs said somewhere that they don’t want abilities canceling other abilities.

It sounds really cool and probably could be fun, but I don’t think it would work as well as it sounds.


I think it’s an awesome idea and makes sense in a game where monsters can already evolve so rapidly. But look at how bad the base game has been with glitches abilities and bugs. This would just be a massive headache.


Gets my passing grade. The main reason I like this is because both parties can gain something out of every engagement. So far a monster can only get a strike or not get a strike which makes for dull gameplay as soon as the monster thinks, that it will not strike someone down in a good trade.

There is also no real need to erase the progress upon reaching max evolution. I kinda see it like a little story inside a battle.

If TRS had balls they would realize that the current evolution system is a rather dull, fun sapping mechanic and doesn’t even go with their own brand meaning adapt and evolve. Simply a lot of stuff that is boring has to do with the evolution process in itself. It takes time, it removes armor so it is best done right after a dome after running a straight line. The same thing 100 out of 100 matches. Everyone knows this and there isn’t much to do about it unless the system changes.

So my suggestion would be that evolving is shorter (8 seconds) and doesn’t yield evolution points anymore. Instead it allows all skills a monster has to evolve to the second level. Skills themself are ranked up by using them and while evolving up you could maybe spend an emphasis point that the specific skill is granted advantages, maybe those are unique or minor.

As an example rockthrow with 2x emphasis on it could suddenly be casted while moving. First emphasis allows slight movement, second one removes all restrictions. Right now skilling up is always and only more damage, more range. Yawn. What it really should be is awesome. This way they could also detach completely from the skills as those are ranked up passively and allow the monster players to make unique decisions every round.

Here are a couple of unique ideas the new evolve system could implement:
Stasis adaptation. 1 point -50% effect, 2 points = 0 effect.
Shield piercing: 1 point 10% damage allowed to go through shield, 2 points 30%
Extra traversals
Unique enhancements of specific abilities.
There could be tons of generic ones across all monsters and then specific ones for some monster e.g.
Rocksplitting: 1 points 25% chance for a harpoon to break because the rock splits from behemoth, 2 points 50%

(it also allows for MUCH easier balance, because suddenly decoy could deal 0 damage without shifting the power of a monster that either takes it or not, because that problem doesn’t exist anymore. Every wraith would have access to decoy.)

This paired with the original idea of slight combat buffs would make battles unique and give us monsters that adapt to the current situation they are in - as expected from so smart monsters.

Flaws in the Fundamentals

Could work as a “new player” mode


That’s kind of how I felt. Really it’s more of a dream mechanic than anything that could actually be implemented