Passive DR during Aftershock?


I’m not saying the ability is crap or anything, but for a monster that is designed to stay in the air and attack its foes from a distance, this ability doesn’t seem to fit in that well. The main problem however that I see with it is that its proper execution comes at great cost (usually a lot of damage taken).

I don’t watch YouTubers or streamers, also don’t know a lot of Kraken players so I don’t know how many actually use Aftershock, but what if the ability received a 20% (just a number, can be more or less) damage reduction during its execution while raising its cooldown to compensate for the buff?

How do Kraken players feel about the current state of Aftershock?


To effectively use aftershock you need to fly over hunters, use aftershock so hunters will think you press wrong button and they will still stay under you, immediately press ctrl button to bring kraken down, let’s call this a dive bomb. That’s how I use this skill.


I know how to use the skill, it’s just that it brings you dangerously close to your foes with a monster that is supposed to keep a distance, also the recovery frames prevent you to go up in the air right away (meaning you’ll take even more damage).


Aftershock is getting reworked, so I’m sure the devs know about this problem. Aftershock was a ability to give kraken something to do when hunters are so close and surprise hunters with the divebombing, but that doesn’t worked as intended so they want to rework it (I guess?).
Who knows, maybe they’re gonna give him a completely new ability replacing aftershock, an ability that really works well with his gameplay.


Oh really? That sounds awesome. Where have you read that?


On to do.


Awesome, thanks for pointing it out! Can be closed.