Passive armor regeneration minimizes drawbacks and decision making for Monsters


Armor passively regenerating over time encourages a fairly mindless strategy of always running and eating on the run, and reduces the weight of the decision to keep moving to evade the Hunters, or stop to eat.

In my opinion, it overly rewards Monsters who adopt that strategy while unduly punishing those choosing to stop to eat.

To remedy this, I suggest slightly increasing the Armor that feeding grants and removing passive Armor regeneration.

The Armor regeneration buff would still grant it.


Agreed. anything to get monster to fight earlier than stage 3 + full armor + buff is welcome.


The armor regen is barely anything. It’s still there however. Making somewhat of a difference


Its a small difference, but an extra bar or three of armor can often decide close matches.


How so? It doesn’t regenerate during battle. It needs like 3-8 seconds of out-of-combat to begin.

In a “close match” you would assume they are always on-top of each other, the monster taking damage inevitably. No extra bars of armor there!

Plus it takes quite awhile to get even one bar of armor with the regen. Maybe like around 15 seconds per bar?


Its not an in-battle effect, we agree.

The problem is that it gives the Monster too much armor when he is on the run for large amounts of time, which should tilt things in the Hunter’s favor as he doesn’t have time to feed.

If the Hunters are always on top of the Monster, the Hunters are doing very well and very likely to win.

As a reminder, I would increase the armor from feeding to compensate for this, so heavy feeding would fill up the Armor bar faster than is possible now.


It regens REALLY slowly and if you don’t sneak attack food then it might attack you and stop the armor regen. The poitn of the regen is so you can get armor back if you don’t have time to eat cause the hunters are on your ass and you don’t have time to stop and kill wildlife to feed


Yeah it kinda mess up stealth as well, when you are trying to be sneaky and you suddenly(well quite slowly, actually) start glowing red/blue/pink.


In that instance, the Hunters deserve the advantage of a Monster who is limited in armor replenishment.


But you are because it doesn’t regen fast enough to have a full bar of armor on Goliath and Kraken for a good few minutes which if the hunters are good is more then enough time for them to come stop the regen and lower the armor


what? i hit stage two and just find the hunters. i dont need armor to drop them. armor regen doesnt really matter anyways. monsters dont eat to fill armor thats just a bonus, we eat to evolve. simple as.


Tell that to the 90% of the monster players out there who run away all the time and only try to engage when they are stage 3 +full armor + a nice buff. And even then they don’t fully commit to the fight and run off as soon as half their armor is gone.



So because they are playing smart they should be nerfed?


No, because it’s boring. I’m bored of running after a monster refusing to fight all the time.

I’ve had situations where I was constantly tranqing the monster and I was super close to him. My whole team was far away. and STILL HE REFUSES TO FIGHT.


and they are bad, theyll be punished later for it when hunters to decide to take their heads out of their asses and use the voice chat.

Until then theyll continue to be steam rolled by bad monsters and toyed with by good monster players.


It still tilts things more in the Monster’s favor than they need.

I’d rather reward Monsters who can manage to feed than help ones who aren’t good at the Hunt part of the game.


It dulls the importance of the “do I feed, or run?” decision.

It may be currently optimal, but there is nothing intelligent about the constant running strategy.


Agreed. The way to win on a consistent basis for the meta as a Monster is run away the whole match, avoid all contact with Hunters regardless, rank up to a stage you’re comfortable with, max out armor and fight.

There needs to be some sort of incentive for the Monster wanting to engage the Hunters.


But there is because you keep yourself alive which, for the first stage at least, is the main objective so you can evolve to the next stages and have a better chance at winning. If the hunters can’t catch you and you can get to stage 3 why not do it and punish them for it. Also if they’re running and just regenning armor and not feeding they also aren’t progressing towards the next stage are they?


God I ahte that. That’s the only reason I don’t play Val pretty much, except the reverse of yours. Constantly tranqing and team is nowhere to be found.