Passive Abilities

With the release of Lennox and her passive ability of having a small knock back resistance, I was thinking if that might be a new mechanic in the newer tiers to have hunters and monster with passive abilities. I think its a great idea and makes characters more unique.

They can even go back and give the older tiers passive abilities, for example Hyde should have a resistance to fire so Goliaths flamethrower and behemoths magma bomb would do slight less damage to him.

And Maggie can have a passive ability of making wild trapjaws not target her or other hunters if she’s around them. And if you have a monster domed the trapjaws will all focus on the monster.

Guys come up with other passive abilities you can see hunters having…


So you want to buff hunters even more ?



But monster buffs too. Mostly monster. Please


Everyone monsters and hunters. And the passive abilities shouldn’t be ridiculously strong but more like little buffs. For example Lennox takes less knock back but yet she is very well balanced.

Ah if you want to buff monsters too then I am fine with it :slight_smile:

Permanent Movement Speed Perk on Wraith plz kthx.

Permanent 25% Damage Resist on Bob plz kthx.

Permanent not really sure for Goliath because he’s pretty great and versatile already.

Permanent nothing for Kraken.

Kraken gets nothing.

Fuck Kraken.




Less damage from Hyde’s flamethrower
Less damage from Caira’s nades


Less damage from Markov’s lightning gun… wait no… fuck Kraken…

More damage from Markov’s lightning gun,

electricity + battery = overloading the battery

Electricity = Lightning Gun
Battery = Karken

Lightning Gun + Karken = Dead Karken


Less damage from Lennox (?)

Maybe, I dunno, she’s void and no one matches void, closest is Lennox with Plasma.


Less damage from Hyde’s flamethrower
Less damage from Caira’s nades.


Less damage from Kraken.

Gains Lightning Gun charge when being attacked by Kraken.

I agree with Markov I like more resistance to electricity (should also lessen damage from mammoth birds) and faster charging thunder gun when your hit with electric attacks sounds good.

Your right Behemoth should take less damage from fire and nades. And he should be completely immune to burned DoT. Rocks do not burn!

Kraken already has a passive as long as he’s doing damage to you he can stay in the air. So no need to give him anything I think.

Although I wouldn’t mind less damage from fire and nades on goliath. I would like to see him with another passive ability. Because less fire and made damage should belong to behemoth

And wraith idk about her either,

Kraken should take more damage from Markov IMO.

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They should make a realism mode. All the monsters tear through hunters in a hit or two depending on situations and the guns work like real guns.

One shot kill for headshots lol?

So if we use your logic, shouldn’t Markov’s lightning gun be unusable when he’s attacked by Kraken?

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Nope, why would it?

This.10 chars

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Karken doesn’t need any buffs. And he doesn’t have a battery, its a conduit.

Neither does anyone else! But anyway, if you really want to get technical, the Kraken doesn’t use any “batteries” either. How do we know that more lightning added wouldn’t lead to a superkraken?

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Ever seen “The Amazing Spiderman 2”? What happened to Electro when he was pumped full of electricity?

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Never seen it, but I assume he died! Kraken isn’t Electro, though. It’s a huge alien beast that shoots lightning everywhere. If we’re going to compare Kraken and Markov’s abilities, I think that if Kraken takes extra damage from lightning it should at least be even with Marov. We can’t play favorites here! Isn’t it a little strange that one character based on electric moves is empowered by more electricity, while a different one is more vulnerable to it?

I think Markov with a little more resistance to electricity, and his lightning gun charging faster when it with electricity is pretty fair enough. The extra damage against kraken is excessive. I agree


This definitely sounds fair, but we’re still leaving Kraken out! We can’t leave out a monster because everybody dislikes him, squidbeasts have feelings too! I think it’d be strange if everyone else in the game has a passive buff except him because “fuck Kraken”.