Party play in non-ranked as Monster


Very disappointed to hear this was removed again. I suspect this will eventually lead to long queue times again with solo players being too valuable as monster whether they want to be monster or not while those of us who both enjoy monster and playing with friends are again forced to choose which we’d rather do.

Even in L4D, this wasn’t really an issue and people could freely choose the opposing side from their friend in non-private games.

Anyways, pretty disappointed in this. I was around for a long time pre-launch and even post-launch but ultimately this grew a little tiring and I was locked away from playing my favorite role simply because I wanted to play with friends.

Custom games are not good enough, bots are terrible and provide little to no challenge, coordinating with four other people (who are all adults and have busy schedules) every night just to be able to enjoy the part of the game that originally got me excited for it kind of sucks.

I know you guys won’t change your minds on this but when I saw you change the rules for quick play awhile back I was both excited and a little sad because it was too late tbh. Now that the game has a second lease on life, you are making the same mistakes I feel.

A MP only game should never lock people off from content just for wanting to also play with a friend or two.

With dome being moved off trapper and more easy methods to track monster, I don’t see the potential for cheese anyways. Any trolling that can be done by a monster/hunter party could be done by a hunter solo as well or a group of hunters trolling their other teammate(s).

A monster wouldn’t troll themselves and anything a monster could do to troll the enemy team will happen anyways.

I just think this is a big mistake. I don’t want this game to fail, I don’t want to be negative. But I remember what happened the first time. I’d group with friends, we’d get a game going. And solo player after solo player would join and leave when they found out they were the monster. They didn’t want to play monster. We usually play as 3 but the game wanted to get rid of the bot monster as soon as possible. Meanwhile I’m sitting there thinking I’d LOVE to play as monster.

Those who were around will remember the numerous threads of setting monster to preference 5 and still getting it most of their games because they queued alone.

Probably give it a try but went from going “I’m going to play the hell out of Evolve again!” to “Well, I’ll play it a bit” and then go back to Warhammer Total War and Vermintide.

Sorry for being a bit negative but I was suddenly overwhelmed by this feeling of deja vu. Also sorry for rant, lol.

EDIT: Evolve: Stage 2 Release Notes 2.00 Discussion Thread

So no, we are locked out of playing half the game if we want to play with friends again.

Well, I wish TRS the best. I’ll still be giving it a go but I don’t think it will keep me hooked since I can’t both enjoy it with friends and play my preferred role.

Hope everyone enjoys the new game though. Good luck!

Evolve: Stage 2 Release Notes 2.00 Discussion Thread

I could be wrong but I thought this was in Stage 2, the amount of keys you earn is nerfed to prevent farming.


I asked in the other thread and never got a player response, @GentlemanSquirl though told me on Steam that it was gone to prevent some kind of exploit.

I would be totally fine (so would my friends) with a Key nerf because we all bought it.

Thanks for the reply, I hope you’re right!


I’d not heard that you couldn’t queue as a party and have someone play monster. Is it just hearsay or has someone actually tried it to verify?

Edit: I liked that it had been included, would be a shame if it has been removed.


Might have been changed since the early access, but maybe @LadieAuPair can confirm?


He was in game when answering, maybe he misread my question. I tried to specify “non-ranked”.

EDIT: Btw, good to see you guys are still around. :slight_smile:


Perhaps somebody playing already could test this for us real quick?


Got an answer, updated the OP. Disappointing but not unexpected.


hm. i just played a couple games with a friend and 3 out of 4 games one of us got monster.


Oh nice. Well now I’m super confused.


I’ve experienced monster being able to play in party.

Let’s keep it quiet though so it doesn’t get “fixed”!!! :wink: