Party of 5 playing arcade


Since the patch allows us to bring a monster into hunt (arcade) now. I hosted a match with 4 other friends and did arcade. When the match ended I received no silver, exp or progress towards challenges as if it was a custom match. Is this intended to disallow boosting? If so couldn’t I just have a party of 4 instead of 5, one being the monster, pick up one random and throw the match? Basically ruining the game for that one person. Wouldn’t it be better to let the 5 people play together rather than ruining someone else’s gaming experience?


Isn’t that what you did?


Obviously, but I meant if people want to farm silver while playing. Because naturally “boosting” implies gaining something from it rather than griefing others for no reason.


I suppose I understand where you’re coming from but they can’t just let people boost either. It’s semi sort of exploiting the system. No real way of knowing which party of five is going to play by the rules either so all must be under the same strict guidlines ya know?


yeah i understand people could boost very easily. It’s just a shame cause the first thing i thought when they said you could use a monster in a party was “sweet we can all play together and get a few silver on top of it.” My friends and i enjoy playing together because it’s fun, not to boost. As you said though they can’t tell who’s boosting or actually playing. My main concern is you still can boost with 4 but at the expense of a random player. So if people did want to boost they can still do it that way.


I agree with this sentiment. Besides we want to foster Hunter and Monster players as ONE nation… not two.
I say… We shouldn’t care if some people are boosting… It would be incredibly boring in this game anyway.


Exactly. With the exception of 1 of my friends we all enjoy playing hunters and monsters, we switch it up constantly. Being forced to separate to earn silver to then be able to come back with shiny new toys and play together again seems to be the downside, at least with my group.


I agree… I think @snowkissed should see this. The game should allow Monsters and Hunters to play together… It’s like that board game “Room 25”… where you play together and some of you are Wardens and some of you are Prisoners and the classes can switch around but you always should be able to play together and reap all the benefits.


I could even accept lowering the amount of silver/exp earned in a party of 5 to deter boosting, thus being able to still earn something while enjoying the game with friends. Because at the end of the day “Fun” is what i value most.


Well they have to care because at some point they’re gonna have to monetize this game and they’re probably gonna do that by selling currency.


You need to look at the long term goals TRS has, and letting people boost for currency is not a part of that plan.


Yeah, afraid that won’t be possible. Right now when you have a full party of 5, it gets converted to a custom game which means reduced gains. We don’t have any plans to change that at this time. :dancer:


Well… I guess we can’t have everything. :slight_smile:


The other example I used with a party of 4 can be used to boost though? Which is arguably easier (less friends required) and more toxic (effects other players) I agree with @IWannaBeATiger and @skills4u2envy For a game to succeed it needs to make a profit obviously. I wanna see this game succeed same as you. You didn’t even like the reduce rewards while in a party of 5 idea? Like an example of 50% or so. I guess the big point I’m trying to make is it makes no sense to stop the 5 party boosting while allowing the 4 party, which in my opinion is the worse of the 2.


Oh so you still get silver in party of 4 but not party of 5?

Even if one plays as monster?

U would think they would just make it so if any player in a party is monster no silver for any party member.

That random 5th player would get all the rewards and the only people missing out are those trying to boost.

What am I missing here?


Yeah have you considered taking silver away from all party members no matter the party size if one chooses to be or selects monster?

Seems like a simple fix and avoids OP’s “issue” while still preventing what you currently intended to avoid.

Just a little mod to the existing setup and its pretty bullet proof, no?