Party Mode issue not in known issues



Are you guys aware that there are many issues with 2 member parties and matchmaking? We could barely find games although separately we found games instantly and there were a lot of drop outs - also from a quick search online people seem to have a lot of trouble with parties.

It is not in the known issues post… Thanks, shmulzi.


Personally I have played over 70 games in a two man party with little to no issue. Now I am not saying there is not one.

One suggestion though is make sure you and your party mate don’t have the same first/second role selected. For example your friends first might be trapper and yours might be medic, but both your second is support. Or the obvious both you choose medic as your main.

This was the only time my friend and I noticed an issue. Other than that games were quick. This could also be related to your platform. We are on PC.


One thing that I forgot which does happen on an occasion. Is it will kick one of us saying the party is full. Matching the person that was not kicked with a full group.

I experience this more in a party of three.