Party Mode does not work, period. (PC)


Being a team based game it would be great to play with friends, except trying to find a game whilst in a party just doesn’t work. My friend and I are trying to play, so its a party of 2 every time, which you would think would be relatively easy to find a game for. We create a party invite one another, search for a game and then NOTHING. It searches forever and never finds a game. Only one time has it loaded into a game (after 10+ minutes of searching for players…) and it has been just our party of 2 and some bots - great. Thought someone might join once the game had commenced - nope. Waste of time as always.

The only work around we have at the moment is to join a game alone and then invite via steam, this has a very poor success rate due to the lobby getting filled before the other can join or alternately you get dropped straight in a game that has no space for your mate… but since its our only option what can we do?

Or there is the third option which is the game just full on bugs out if we try the work around, so far the common occurrences are:

  1. lobby full message, followed by a black screen with nothing but your cursor and if you hit enter key you hear a noise. No menu available, only option is to use task manager to kill the game and then reload - awesome.
  2. You get stuck in a game with no available spots as a spectator, you can call votes to restart for some reason but there is no menu available and no way to disconnect - again end task only solution (starting to see a trend here)
  3. You see 4 “player found” spaces and the impression that a game is about to load before your party leader flashes up in one of the slots and then you get dropped out with some “connection terminated” message or some other similar error.

Please fix this or tell me how to fix it at my end or something, I love this game to bits but having to play on my own all the time with no one I know is just killing it for me, not to mention all the wasted time trying to join a game with my friend rather than actually playing.