Party matchmaking won't work, account issues not being handled as well as could be


Can’t play in party with friend, it searches matches for over 10 minutes only to find no other players. In evacuation it searches for new match after each round so you can’t complete all five to get the bonus xp. Works perfectly when I play alone (online).
Also I have problems with 2k account and they only respond to my support requests with generic messages with no helping info in them (Francesco V. is name of the worker).
I played alpha and beta, and been waiting to play with friends since. Pre-ordered the game and couldn’t even play in first 2 days (2k problems). Now 7 days later still can’t play with friends.


Tell everyone what system you are playing on lol, that will help :slight_smile: Also, I’m sure they will be constantly tweaking the matchmaking stuff, but I feel ya, it’s not fun when you want to play with some buddies and can’t. I really hope they add in some lobbies so that you can just pick who you want and just have to wait until it finds a game that needs what class you chose to play.

I play more solo than anything mostly because the handful of times I went to play online I keep getting the 2 classes I don’t like to play :frowning: I’m not mad, but hope something like this gets added in at some point.