Party matchmaking Issues


I have a lot of issues with party matchmaking. When I’m trying to q with 1 or 2 of my friends the q times takes literally 5-15 mins, and a lot of times it ends up with 1 of these scenarios:

-1 or multiple ppl get the message “the lobby is full” while at least 1 of us get into the game
-1 of us getting the monster spot
-After 10 min in q, the game just gives up and gives us 2 empty slots(AIs) and tries to start the match
-Another error message for some of us: “A multiplayer session had been terminated. Select OK to continue.”

Yesterday we literally spent 70mins in q and ofc getting the above issues in a row, till all of us actually managed to get in a game w/o any problem.

We are all playing on PC. I’m from Hungary, they are from Romania if that matters. 1 of the time we played with a guy from africa, which is kinda hilarious.