Party matchmaking issues and preference issues


So far myself and my friends have been enjoying the new version of Evolve. One issue we have been hit with consistently is that we queue as 3 or 4, all of us have monster set to preference 5, yet we will always have one member of our party always be the monster if someone has his preference.

We party up because we want to work together, yet the matchmaking consistently tries to split us up. Shouldn’t it respect grouping and find a solo player? Else make it search for people that have high monster preference?


Well if all 5 players have monster preference in 5th, one needs to be monster.

I know it sucks having a party member not play on your team, but this way it’s fair for everyone. If your party really doesn’t want to play monster, get 2 more friends and do Customs, then have 1 prefer monster.


Party should trump the solo player though because grouping. Otherwise why have it as an option to be in a group?


its the same problems the game has with party since beta, open beta, actual game and now stage 2 the whole MM and party system is extremely bad
as party of 4 you join lobbies with already more than 1 people in and 1-3 members of your party get kicked because lobby is already full, the game searches sometimes for more than 7 minutes for a game wich should never occur with these player numbers at the moment, people get randlomly dropped from your party etc etc … all those bugs with parties that were in the game are still there idk why i even downloaded those 20gb again its a joke
i really love evolve, the gameplay the graphics but everything around it is so awful, the menue, MM, DLC politic in the first place it ruins everything


I don’t know what the plans may be on this going forward, I’m wondering if @Insane_521 may be able to offer some insight in to what’s being considered.

For me it’s clear that people don’t want to play monster and will quit the lobby when they get it, this is obviously the same thing that happened in 2015.

Is it possible to allow people to say “never put me as monster” or “Never put me as hunter” without it having to be separate queuing logic? With these player numbers would match making be able to be much better with matching up two sets of people so that strict preferences could be stated?


It was stated in ranked play you’ll be able to choose what you qeue for (hunters or monsters).


That seems like a good idea! Just wish it worked for non-ranked.

Also @XplosionIncorporated we have got a few more people and often do 5 man queues, but playing games with a full group stops giving you rewards after a point and we can’t get challenges. So that solution doesn’t help at all really.