Party Lobby - Teamates Randomly Dropping


Aside from extended matchmaking times, we encountered a strange issue last night that made it impossible to play multiplayer with a team setup.

Playing solo worked fine and we could find games, but after playing one game with a 2 person party, each time we grouped up to find a new match, we would wait for 2-3 minutes and Xbox would suddenly pop-up “John Smith was added to the game” and “John Smith joined the game,” immediately afterwards the player mentioned would be booted out, find himself at the main menus and the “find game screen” would add some random person into the slot that the friend was shown in.

We were unable to remedy the issue after several reboots and relaunches of the game. Has anyone else had this issue? Any fix?


What was the error message? Sounds like "The connection to your previous session has been lost or no longer exists"