Party, Class Swap, Suggestion


Hello everyone,

I’m just here to suggest an addition to playing matches with a group. I had a very enjoyable session of Evacuation last night with a friend and we noticed a potential oversight, that would appear to have few drawbacks, if any.

It would be extremely helpful for a party member, once designated a character, to have the option of swapping with their fellow party member/s. It would not impact solo queued players, there would be no element of harassing or bullying a stranger into dropping their character and would simply be a nice addition to improving the experience. A similar system as you have in Dota 2, but only among players who queued as a group prior to the match.

It would be interesting to see what others think of the concept.

Cheers for reading and thanks for the excellent game!

EDIT: I’ve just been informed this is actually in the game and I am a moron, feel free to delete this post.