Parting words from a long-time player


So here it comes, the long-teased update. I hoped for the best but I think I need to face the fact that Evolve is not what it was anymore.
I don’t want to blame anybody, the game was already dying in terms of playerbase and now you are trying to make a complete relaunch, as a casual game, free2play and pay2win (I do expect to see those silver keys available for dollars soon since TRS can’t live off the land, and that’s OK).

What I wanted to tell you is: Please don’t take away from this that there is no future for challenging games with a focus on tactics and teamwork and a long learning curve. I think there were quite some opportunities missed that could’ve made good old evolve a success (like more and more advanced tutorials or better matchmaking). There are quite some players who liked Evolve for what it offered: Its challenging hide & seek games, need for tactics and teamwork and its diverse player roles (I’m writing from a hunter’s point of view obviously).

So long and thanks for all the thrilling hunts…


I’m going to close this up, since we have a policy on this forum of not having “goodbye” threads*, even though yours is one of the most well worded and constructive ones I’ve seen. Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

*Unfortunately some people can’t help themselves but to get into fights over them.