Parties should be allowed to be Monster


I’ve only in the last month or so started to play Evolve and I only play with friends, we enjoy our time on there but we have no idea as to why parties can no longer take the Monster role. We get that some parties might not play properly or whatever but how is that different from solo players doing the exact same? It takes a LOT of the enjoyment from the game if you cannot play against your friends as well as with them. As well as enjoyment the queue times have been longer since disabling Monster in parties, as posted here: Monster being disabled in parties is killing queue times all the way back in March last year, it was a good idea to change it then and a bad idea to change it back now. Please rethink this as honestly it makes us not want to play as much.


Because people disliked being separeated from their team to play monster. It used to be in there but more people complained about it than when it wasn’t implicated, ie more people disliked it than liked it so they removed the ability.

You can still do it in customs however.


Customs just aren’t fun, having to play with bots it’s awful compared to playing with other players, the skill gap between the two is immense.


Basically I guess they could add the option to choose when creating a party (for 2-4 people) to choose if you want to play as teammates only or if one person can be a monster. I guess that way both sides would benefit?


Get more people to join your custom match; you’re acting like you can’t have five people in it.


The tldr is devs disabled this because too many people were abusing it. “This is why we can’t have nice things”


I meant a full team custom, since you play with friends I assumed you had 4-5 buddies to play with


Well you know that not everyone has that many friends. Maybe Warzite is one of those people, maybe he only plays Evolve with 2-4 people, which is still not enough for a full match.


I was just pointing out an option shrugs


Although I, for some stupid reason, keep getting put as Monster against my friend (who is REALLY new and whom I’m trying to help improve) when Monster is my 5th preference and I (usually) am the only one with my preferred role as 1st pref, I also agree that it is better if you can play against a friend without 3 bots or without a full squad.


bump, I can’t honestly see the reason behind not allowing this. I enjoy fighting against my friends as well as with them, but want to be able to do it with other random players.