Part 4 New monster / name fan made #NameThatMonster

Choose a name then post it below, or post your own monster name.

This Monster must be looking in your direction to be invisible. The effect wears off after the monster moves. Only the front side of the Monster is invisible, leaving his back side visible.

Can you spot the monster?

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Part 1 #NameThatMonster then run for your life. NEW monster / Concept Art idea

This is the fourth post in less than a day is it not?

Either slow it down to one of these per day or keep them in one thread, please.

Yea the 4th my bad, I had so many made i just wanted to get them out. I’ll resume in a few days then

Or just wait til tomorrow. Give more people a chance to see/comment. :wink:

Golem or Ogre.

ogre is good

I like Golem, while it sounds like goliath it’s way different.


Golem in my opinion.


I would name that monster George

I like Golem.

He will evolve into the Chameleonian. So skilled at disguise, they forget who they even are.

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This guy is more Ent or Treant



Typhoid sounds good

Mh, since it probably hasn’t been seen yet people could refer to it as ‘Type X’ for yet uncategorized Monsters. Maybe even ‘Shifter’ or ‘Wendigo’ if it’s more of a shapeshifter than simply a misdirection type of Monster, we already got one of these with the Wraith I guess.

I say ogre or typhon.

Chameleon please