Parnell's Supersoldier attack speed is unnoticable by others?


I got confused as to why so many Parnells hardly used Supersoldier. I do hear them activating it from time to time, but I never really notice any increase in attack speed etc.

Then I stumbled on this video

You can clearly see and hear the difference in attack speed from both perspectives.
Is this intended so the monster can’t tell when it’s activated and flee? (Even though every character always shouts whenever they use one of their class abilities…)


Headshots + Damage amplifier.

Headshots deal double damage.
Damage amplifier deals additional 1000 damage over the course of it’s full capacity (default capacity without any perks or progression buff).


i always hear/see him using it on hunters or monster side

first off all he screams it.
2nd he hear him shooting way faster.
3rd he loses health/shines red


I am not talking about the damage at all…
I’m talking about knowing/hearing when he activates it


Oh sorry, It may be my brain lag.

Yea, I can both hear him on monster side and hunter one perfectly fine (dialogue).
Also increased rate of fire is easily noticeable.


There just seems a HUGE difference in Attack Speed watching from both Parnell’s perspective and the Trapper’s in that video