Parnell's super soldier is buggy

Parnell is just a crappy assault, torvald is just a better version of him, first he has a better shotgun with better range and his mortars are really good for kraken in the air and those disc are good. With Parnell his super solider is just really buggy and half of the time its glitches out and doesn’t work. I think you need to fix him trs make him strong again.

That’s a great opinion.


I like Parnells shotgun better, Torvald’s turns into a pea shooter if you dont hit every pellet. You could specify what bugs you’re having with super soldier though, you’re not being very specific.

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Nothing beats “BOOM! HERO MODE!”

Like when I activate it doesn’t increase my fire rate, it just takes my health.

I used to have that rarely happen, but I thought it was fixed because I havent seen it in so long.

Then report it in the bugs section…

is that vs bob because that’s nothing

Did you… Did you just say that that damage is nothing?

Bro…if you’re not hitting 100k with parnell every match in every game mode…you suck. Pain ad simple…

I sincerely hope that that is sarcasm. Because that doesn’t translate well to me over the interwebs.

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Come on…100k with parnell every time? That’s a feat worth bragging about.