Parnell's Super Soldier Bugged


There’s like a 20% chance that when I activate Super Soldier on Parnell it gives me the sound cue that it’s activated and even takes away my health, but doesn’t give me any of the positive effects and doesn’t change my screen to a red hue.

It’s happened like numerous times in several matches I’ve played. I’m on PC by the way. This is extremely game breaking when playing Parnell, it needs to be fixed ASAP.

@MrStrategio @MacMan

Parnells super soldier

Yeah. Someone sent me a video of it. I filed a bug for it but it’s good to get confirmation of it from another source.


Thanks, boss man!


Oh. So that’s what happened to me.

I played a match as Parnell and got miserable damage. I was popping SS a lot, too. I knew I wasn’t that bad at Assault! :slight_smile:


I’ve also experienced it.


I don’t have any video evidence, but I have also experienced it as of tonight.


This has happened to me and many people I play with also


Happened to me too, outrageous!


Has happened to me too.