Parnell's secret weapon that makes him a nightmare to a monster

Exactly, and the damage they do when they do hit, just isn’t worth it.


That’s also true.

Why waste a perfectly good SS on traversal when you can just as easily have a support player pick Sunny?

Because you took reload speed so now ss has no cooldown.

It bothers me to, I don’t know its just hard for me to line up my shots.

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I already knew that and use SS to give chase pretty often. I do a ton of damage with Parnell, but still have the worst WLR with him of any Assault.

see im the oppoosite. hes my highest and poor torvald has a .46 lmao

I think we have our “fastball special” right here…provided it isn’t wasted by monster hitting CTRL.

Torvald has the best WLR of my Assaults. Markov and Hyde are the most played and pretty even, with a slight edge to Markov because Hyde has some bad match-ups. I could bring Parnell’s up by playing with him more, but it gets old hearing people whine.

maybe thats why. ppl whine and dont try. resulting in losses as parnell. while if you pick the others you get more wins.

ppl quit when i choose my favorites to play. its lame but id rather play with a bot and try to win then have them rage and troll all game cuz i didnt pick “the meta”

also i guess your better at anticipating the mortors than me. Im a sniper so its reticle or die lol. (besides far far shots like COD where u need to bullet drop) so parnell is a natural choice because my aim is so high…usually

People whining doesn’t make me not try, it makes me try harder. I bring in some pretty heavy damage numbers with him. I don’t wanna listen to it, so instead I use an Assault that I know gives me a better chance at a win. It’s the same with Lazarus. I would prefer to use him, but with him the rest of your team even needs to pick specific perks.

I don’t see much need for the SS health penalty on Parnell, I’d suggest that at the very least he regen it automatically after the CD ends, perhaps over the time it takes to reload. No other Hunter has a ‘soft cap’ on how often they can use their abilities due to needing another hunter to either heal them or revive them or requiring a certain perk to mitigate a flaw.

As for Hyde, you could make him much more of a beast by switching more of the Flamethrower damage over to the burn, so you can light them up then switch to Minigun and grenades until the burn runs off.

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That’s exactly why health regen is so smart here… Hardly any need for a medics attention at all, big nice boost in pugs to be more self reliant.

I think @MacMan at one point talked about Parnell getting some adjustments in the upcoming patch, or possibly in the future. I hope so, I’d like nothing more than for Parnell to be competitive.

oh not u. i meant them. if they do decide to stay. the second one thing goes wrong they go…“why do we have a parnell or and thats why no one plays val.” so they give up or troll or dont play hard at all to further the evidence that these characters are useless when its them making them useless.

you and i can boss as parnell all we want. hell i average 9k with each weapon. its a group effort and if the group isnt all for it then it wont work. same with any assault really. I get high numbers as torvald and i cant seem to win for shyt.

I never played him much, but effectively using super soldier is vital. Markov can deny areas with mines, Hyde with gas grenades. Parnell needs to get in the monsters face, and deny him THAT space. Using super soldier at the wrong moment is the most unforgiving utility an assault has. It damages you, and you only have that brief time to unload as many shotty shells as you can. Capacity is definitely his most brutal perk, extra shot gun shells plus more super soldier time; you’ll melt faces faster than Hyde.

I think his rockets main features are the reload if I remember its speed correctly but also the rockets ability to keep on pressuring the monster thnks to the size of the rockets and their explosive impact. Also, the speed isn’t bad for his rockets I would say

If A monster such as a kraken holds a high ground position in a dome, unless you have hank to orbital, it can take a long time and effort for parnell so get past vortex and up there to damage. Markov has similar issues but can at least set up mines in the areas during this process. Parnell has it tough!

Gosh I’ve seen so many posts like this where people respond and say that Parnell is just bad or what have you. Just because you find someone else to be better doesnt mean they are bad. I actually used to use Hyde but I switched to Parnell after giving him a second chance and I haven’t looked back. I understand why people don’t like him, but at the same time, understand why I do like him. He has the highest dps among all assaults. He also doesnt need to throw grenades/deploy mines to ne effective. Just shoot. Shoot a lot. NEVER STOP SHOOTING. And that poor little monster will go running with its tail between its legs.

I don’t agree that Parnell is underused because his rockets are weak (though they are).

Parnell’s shotgun’s damage doesn’t appear to be consistent regardless of your capacity to aim, his full damage only really seems to come out when a monster is running directly towards or directly away from Parnell.