Parnell's secret weapon that makes him a nightmare to a monster

I especially like it when the super soldier fails and you only lose HP, makes him the best pick for sure.

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I want to know if that stacks with SS too.
Might actually have a perk to use thats not capacity.

Yeah, that bug is incredibly annoying, but I’m not looking at that when discussing this. I’m talking about how useful it is when it does work lol

How many times did you try?

I’ve always used parnels super soldier to run fast into battle, problem is if you don’t use health regen and then use it in battle and the medic is dead or not paying attention because then super soldier is like a strike on you.

All charachters are good with certain hunters also having the right perks for that hunter is key.

There’s a lot of variations but when you play with randoms a lot of these tactics and combos go out the window.

I mean if your team pick laz and bucket say…you don’t need Maggie because buckets uav and daisy are cancelling out one another go with abe or crow.

In my opinion Hyde is best versatile assault overall good vs every monster.also you got to love his voice charachter who done a great job with him sadly most other hunters dialogue/actors are very drab boring.

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Is there a perk to reduce its cool down. Like would reload speed work?

Yes fast reload/charge is the best perk now for hunters like assault and support quicker shield/invis

You really, really don’t want to be in a situation where its time to meatshot the Monster and Super Soldier is down.

Its cooldown is far too long to be spammed whenever it is up, Medic reliance aside.

So Parnell can chase the monster down with his own acceleration field. By himself…Pounce anyone?
The image cause #I Like Wolves

His true secret weapon is Sunny.

Have you ever been boost-slingshot right into a feeding Monster, popped supersoldier and then unloaded a capacity increased shotty right into its face?

I have and it’s glorious.

have you ever held jetpack to fly with sunny boosting you vs a kraken?

I have and its the best thing since honeycombs.

I like the rockets. They need a small damage buff or travel speed buff, but they’ve gotten me my third highest amount of damage in the game.

if you can aim. you need not complain. they are tricky to aim tho as they go pretty far to the left of the reticle lol . while ss is on cd i usually switch.

Yeah I figured it out an super soldier comes back so fast now. Its pretty amazing.

Yeah if those rockets hit they hit hard. I would agree a flight speed/damage buff would be nice for the rockets.

Right now I’m maiming 11k damage with it, but that reticle,it bothers me man.

I don’t know about you, but I main Parnell over every hunter in the game.

“You pounced the wrong hunter”

He’s had the lowest win ratio since release though, even before hyde buff and before T4. I used to main Parnell before Torvald, but now I far prefer Hyde and Torvald. Parnell just lacks something. It doesn’t help that he lights up like a xmas tree whenever he’s ready to do damage. It’s the easiest thing in the world for a monster to save a knockback ability or traversal to almost completely negate SS.

Not sure I’m fully sold on the keeping SS on constant cooldown idea…might be worth a try, I guess. His rockets still need something done to them, so they’re not massively useless. Even at medium range it is mostly better to just stick to the shotty.

Personally I’d love an airburst against Kraken for them - they can be so unreliable it feels like it is better to use the Shotgun outside of its range.

Not saying I can’t hit a moving Kraken with Rockets, but many of them are just going to miss.