Parnell's secret weapon that makes him a nightmare to a monster


So, it is a given that Parnell is the least picked assault, despite his incredible damage output. Why is this? Because Parnell is always falling flat with his rockets. They have a long travel time and deal lackluster damage combined make these rockets feel useless in a fight or a chase with a wily monster. So, we know his down sides, what are his advantages? He has an insanely high DPS that will make even a mighty behemoth flinch. That, and his super soldier. Everyone claims that Parnell lacks utility, but what if I told you that you were wrong? What if I told you that Parnell is the best assault to chase a monster and that he can get to a monster faster than any other assault? Well, he is and he does. The secret all lies in his super soldier ability. Most people only use super soldier when they are entering combat and this is a huge mistake. Super soldier should almost always be on cooldown. Why? Because of the buffs it gives Parnell. You run faster, you jump higher, and you fly faster. It is literally his own acceleration field. Use this to quickly close the distance on a fleeing monster to not let him get that breathing room he wants. Well, what about that health loss you take? Well there are a few ways around this. The best option (in my opinion) is to run Slim and have him keep the healing drone on you. Before you know it, that health will be back with no biggies. Another option is to pop super soldier right before the medic pops heal burst. Well, what if you don’t have a coordinated medic? Well you might want to consider taking health regen, which if you have a Laz, you should have anyways. So, with this knowledge, try taking Parnell for another spin. Pop your super soldier every chance you get and see how much better you are at running the monster down and keeping the pressure up, as well as having that extra bit of speed to get some shots into an evolving monster. I’d love to hear some feedback on this strategy.


Weekend Challenge: Headshots with Parnell! (Main Goal: Achieved, Stretch Goal: Unreached)

Best Parnell Thread Ever. Thank you Brandini ^.^



While I don’t disagree on any specific point. It comes down to kit balancing. Sure maybe damage statistics say he should be the best, but he lacks something that numbers dont make up for… imo that is!



I’ve been playing a lot of Parnell as of late, and it’s quite effective against every monster other than Kraken. If the monster is domed and engaged on a different hunter, that’s when I pop my super soldier and get the monster from behind. This has effectively put the monster in a panic whenever I do this, and they traverse the hell out.

You’re definitely right about the rockets. They feel lackluster, and I only ever use it when I have to reload my shotgun, or the monster is running in a straight line.



Parnell’s rockets should fly faster.



I think what would help is if his rockets had a louder repercussion… Lol it makes it more satisfying the rockets are otherwise fine IMO people just need to be more skilled as a Parnell players

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Well said, stranger.

Love Parnell especially with Slim (capacity or damage increase) and also with Laz (health regen). I have told people to use Parnell as you have suggested, on so many maps that lil burst of speed (my Parnell is elite, of course) can definitely keep a monster on its toes.



I never really enjoyed playing with him, I usually pick Hyde or Torvald. I’ll give it a try though, even though I’m scare off all the random medics :frowning:



I only play Parnell against dudes frequently playing behemoth because my lord and savior Hyde can destroy the first 3 monsters way faster than Parnell (for me) except the rolly polly rocky where even at distance that shotgun can’t miss lol



Yeah I super crazy love Hyde. Barely had any trouble with him before his 'nades got buffed now he is BEAST.

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I think if torvald gets a range nerf on his shotty. which seems to shoot across the map for the same damage. parnell will outshine him even vs kraken. I can stay on the kraken pretty good as parnell.



It might “hit” across the map but it scatters like crazy. It doesn’t do much damage at range

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he has more range than parnell’s spread. dealing alot of damage he shouldnt be. but still id rather be parnell or markov vs kraken right now. i cnt hit shyt with torvald.



I played against a premade once and they were running bucket + parnell. suffice to say, that parnell was ALWAYS on my ass. and now your post makes me understand why.



Interesting, so whats when you pick movement speed with parnell, does it supercharge him? Or does Sunny beam stack on top of that, dunno if it makes you faster at a fixed speed or if it calculates a new speed from the base speed or the buffed speed.



Well, I’m glad that some of you are seriously considering my advice. I feel like Parnell could use some love and I want to be able to pick whoever I want without getting yelled at because I want to play Parnell, Bucket, or Val. After discovering the utility of SS, I found Parnell jumped up in viability and in how fun he was



I never thot of doin this. i usually have ss on when the dome comes down so i did it naturally. I do one after 1 cycle of monster abilities so i dont get focused hard. then by the time the dome comes down ss is back. next time ill save it for the escape and see how it goes.



Tried… Still sucks badly…



I would love parnell more if he was a bit heavier while using super solider
meaning he flys back less and falls down faster



Nice thread.