Parnell's launcher texture bug & unable to move bug



I found two bugs as of late.

First of all: this all happened during a training match, I am not sure if the first bug can be replicated in pvp, but the second has happened to me before.

BUG 1:
parnell’s rocket launcher suddenly had a texture bug:

aiming down sights did not change this, neither did shooting. you can’t look through it either.

BUG 2:
this has happened to me a few times already, in both instances i was medic (EMET & PalaParnell). my character is completely unable to move. this includes jetpack thrusts and jumps. literally grounded to where I am.
First time this happened was after spawning from a dropship when i died as EMET.
the second time happened when I went down as PalaParnell in a training match, when the next match started, the bug happened.

the second one seems potentially game breaking.