Parnell's Auto-Shotgun + Supper Soldier Vs. Torvald's (instant) Shotgun + Weak Points


Well after viewing some Torvald’s gameplay and comparing it to Parnell’s I thought which shotgun style would have better DPS. The scenario is your ahead of the team and hammering the monster with your shells. But which hunter can produce the most damage with a good aim at the monster (maybe aimed near the center) and the distance of 8-10 feet.


Parnell - Auto shotgun that needs to be pressed and spammed to get a insanely fast damage output. Need to have SS on to get the damage intensified. SS needs to be recharged. As well a chunk of your health is gone. But who cares when your ripping into the monsters Health!

Torvald - Auto shotgun that when trigger tapped slightly will LITERALLY will have a mind of its own and spit out shells as fast as a Wraith can warp! Along with a weakpoint pinger. Can multiply damage crazily but you have to have a monster pose for a while. Or you will have to go though the entire reload animation if you only get one successful shell.