Parnell , why should I use him?

  • Because you can use an ability that takes 15% of your health and doesn’t work 60% of the time.
  • If you enjoy a more technical assault
  • Quick and heavy burst damage when SS doesn’t bug
  • Constant harrasment

But overall Parnell is a strong just tricky to use right.

Thanks for all the the replies, may give him a chance this week to show his worth

I can regularly drop 20k damage minimum per game with Parnell. I find he’s murderous against Behemoth. Pop shield, pop super soldier, walk into his face and literally watch the life bar of the monster dissolve.

If you can aim, he’s a DPS beast

Yeah, Parnell requires more precision than the other Assaults. His SS, when it works, is his best tool. I run Capacity Increase by the way - really helps his Super Solider.

If he can stay in the Monster’s face, the Monster will almost always run. As a Monster, if I have full/a lot of armor, and Hyde or Markov have their main weapon on me, I don’t always feel the pressure to disengage. They melt the armor too slowly. If I’m up against Parnell, I focus the Trapper and I see Parnell running over with that red glow on him, I will absolutely disengage. He will demolish the Monster’s armor way too quickly.

Also pop SS right when you engage in the dome - this will take most of the Monster’s armor. Don’t use your SS right away when it’s recharged - consider chipping his armor away slowly and as soon as it is about run out then you pop SS and it will do a ton of permanent health damage. Then once the dome is out, stay on him with the Rocket Launcher, it doesn’t do great damage but it does great chip damage. The blast radius of each round is pretty significant.

In short, his burst is insane, and you can even save your teammate because they all fear the rage trooper! :smiling_imp:


You guys have no reason not to play him?. The real reason you don’t wanna play him is because hes black.


I don’t play him because he’s really not my playstyle. Though I do pick him sometimes when I REALLY need to make the monster pay for wrecking my Hyde.

If think he’s only worth it on PC, where the ceiling for precision is higher and you can utilize him to his fullest potential. I find his loadout to be too shaky on consoles to dish out the necessary damage and I am an above average player in terms of aim. That is, of course, relative to the maximum aim you can accomplish on consoles/with controllers.

honestly if im forced to play hunters ill always swap out any other hunter for assault and get Parnell all the time I have him elited since day one.

he can SHHHRRRRRREEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKTTTT monster players if you use him well, almost as good as torvald if not better I have a 57-13 rate with parnell best assault I like to use.
although some situations hes poor at and others excels. every assault has his ups and downs.

most people cant use him right or don’t want to put the effort into getting him down, everyone wants the ezlife wins just A-move to victory so to speak… markov and torvald are A-move ezlife wins hands down…but parnell…master him and hes good unit

so its really a matter of …
you want ezlife wins?? ooooorrrrrrrr actually work hard and play the game wins?!?!?

Because he’s “Captain DPS”.

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Totally Photoshopping Parnell onto a ship called the “S.S. DPS” with a pirate hat on now


He’s by far the most mobile assault. My biggest troubles are usually parnells assault wise if their actually good. Almost impossible to shake them on a chase and they have very solid dps as even the rocket without ss is still any assault primary. He’s probably overpowered outside of bullets being a shitty weapon thanks to limbs for an innacurate gun. Mostly for wraith there are many occasions rockets will just be better thanks to small frame + all limb.

Well…we’re waiting.

Totally didn’t forget ~.~

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You’re a dirty tease!

Heard that before


He’s the perfect antidote to a lumbering Behemoth (and somewhat, a Goliath stuck in a corner). Poor Bob just can’t get away from his SS when he’s slowed down by a tranq or stasis. Since he’s such a large target, you can really lay on the DPS where the other monsters can usually traverse away from some of the SS duration.

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Also, the movement and jump boost from super soldier is great for chasing the monster in circumstances where you want to keep it moving and the trapper can’t catch it. It’s also a great way to burst in and catch an evolve, and losing some duration after the monster evolves is less of a loss than the extra second of 25% more damage during evolve that it can buy, especially if you can get in some delicious headshots.

I once ran down a monster solo and took him down because I reduced his health after evolves by more than he gained, and had a standoff after his third evolve where we were both near death and I had him cornered. My team was total garbage though, and they managed almost nothing.

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