Parnell , why should I use him?

Have Elited Markov, Uncle Hyde and Torvald but just dont enjoy Parnell, so much not even 1 Starred him. Not a fan of his loadout and he doesnt suit my style of play.

So asking if I should give him a chance, am I missing something that could change my mind?

So Parnell users, convince me. :wink:

I don’t play Parnell, but I was put up against a good Parnell once.
Wanna know why you should pick Parnell?
Because if you can aim, you can take half of a monsters entire health bar in one Super Soldier ;w;
I was Stage 3, Full armor, their trapper really sucked.
They whittles my armor down, then Parnell pops SS and in a matter of seconds, half ny health was gone
I cried a little


In essence, this.
I don’t play Parnell or Torvald much, their playstyles don’t suit me. Hence why I’m Hyde/Markov exclusive (mostly Hyde, swoon)
Parnell is mega stronk imo if you have a good aim, just like Torvald. If not, well, you’re not gonna get much of a kick out of it. Get a competent Cabot-Parnell combo and you’re going to tear that monster up in seconds.

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I’d wait until they fix his SS bug not giving him bonuses properly. I like Parnell because he has two sources of damage he can reliably switch between on the fly, so that gives him constant pressure on the Monster.

Summoning @Shin.

On stream vs Maddcow, can’t reply just yet.

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If he isn’t your playstyle he isn’t yours.
I don’t like Caira because I feel like all I can do is heal. Val and Slim are more my style. :slight_smile:
But I would suggest playing him from time to time. One day you might decide you like him.

Honestly, that was me. I didn’t like him at all at first. Then I made myself use him for a few days and I started to realize how beast he is.

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I’ve got Parnell elited if that means anything. Parnell is a lot about aim, he’s a very active assault because your DPS relies heavily on hitting every single shot. I’m making a video about this with some (hopefully good) examples of Parnell play. Which is also where I’ll talk about how to play him and what mentality I go in with. Hope that helped a little, or convinced you somewhat.

Parnell with capacity and Cabot is a disgusting combination for a monster. Parnell with speed or jetpack can keep constant pressure on a monster so eating is difficult.

Pick Parnell if you want to wreck faces, as opposed to melting faces. But maybe wait till SS is fixed as others have mentioned. I had a game a few nights ago where 4 SS in a row bugged out on me…

I wasn’t a fan until his head shot challenge.

Dear God and baby Jesus…


Yep. Fighting bad Parnells is just eh. Rock, Vortex, GTFO scrub, come again later. Fighting good Parnells is like HOLY ****ING **** GET IT AWAY FROM ME IT BUUUUUUUURRRRRNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSSs.


Seconding capacity on Parnell. The amount of shots you can get off during SS is huge, and he’s a great choice against Kraken since you can’t use location-based zoning to keep it from camping a corpse anyways. Also the size of that noggin.

I’d pick a different assault if the medic is Lazarus or Slim (healing drone causes the SS bug afaik), but if it’s Caira, I’m going Parnell hands down.

You mean if you can spam the left trigger/zoom in key (I have no idea what PC controls are) Kappa

What? I wasn’t supposed to mention that? Oh… THAT DOESN’T EXIST, YOU’RE ALL DRUNK, GO HOME.

Its only on consoles, PC master rake

I keep seeing Kappa. What does that mean?

Parnell excels at close range health nuking. He is the top burst damage choice in my opinion, other than Torvald. But even still, both of these assaults have their counters.

Perk choices, tend to be Capacity… It’s amazing burst damage, with that many rounds in SS.

Parnell has amazing burst with headshots/weakpoints. With a Val/Laz, he can be a beast… Add in Cabot, and you have ridiculous burst. If the monster engages you, (bar that damn Kraken…) you will usually get headshots easier. This increases damage even more. Think of him as the rage trooper he is. He gets in your face, and he destroys bars of armour. As the monster, avoid facing him… If you engage him without knockbacks, expect to hurt yourself.

He can be countered, by sprinting away during the SS, or knocking him back. You can also pounce him, depending on how the other team members are handling the fight. Anything to interrupt his most valuable tool, which is his cooldown.

With Parnell, you need to learn when to use your cooldown. The wrong time, could cause you to waste it. Or, it could even cause your death… You must learn to conserve your jetpack, because you need to keep on the monster. If they avoid you well, you’re going to do the lowest damage in the assault tier (bar Markov without mines). If you can’t aim, you’re going to have a hard time as well. If you hit his arms/legs, or miss completely, you’re going to notice little to no damage. As well as this, you need to know when to use your rockets. They aren’t that great, but they have their uses. I tend to use some between reloads, and when the monster is out of shotgun range. Spread really hurts damage potential on his shotgun…

Arms/Legs result in .5 damage I believe. You half your shotgun damage.
Body is 1.0 damage, and this results in normal damage.
Headshots are 2.0 damage. With SS, you can easily burst through this, with double your normal damage.

If you end up being countered, or you can’t land these requirements, Parnell is not for you. He’s the hardest assault to play right now. He has quite a few drawbacks, and requirements. He does have a very high damage potential though, making him fun, and effective to play at times.

Currently though, don’t use Parnell if you have a Slim on your team. He ends up canceling your SS, and it gets annoying… Every time it’s shut down, that medic has been on my team.

Every time I see Parnell pop SS I’m going to GTFO. A strike on Caira isn’t worth 70% of my health. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Look it up on Urban Dictionary. Go do it right now. It is a twitch emote usually meaning Sarcasm.


[quote=“Quirkly, post:15, topic:57957, full:true”]
Its only on consoles, PC master rake
[/quote]Ha. Alright. Hunters are abusing it so much on console right now… O_o…

Its on PC as well sadly, just plug in a controller then spam the fuck outta ADS, never miss a harpoon, its bullllll

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