Parnell, Why are you SO BAD?!


I’ve got two of the three assaults maxed to 3 stars, Parnell being the last I’m leveling up.

Obviously I’ve had a lot to time played on Markov and Hyde and have to say they are better all around compared to Parnell. Yes, yes, I understand his base damage is probably lower due to his “Super Soldier” ability. However, the ability is supposed to be risk vs reward as his damage increases when the ability is activated and he loses HP. The other two assaults utility is much greater as they have abilities that can “deny” much better, Parnell just hits Super Soldier and gets in the monsters face, pretty boring really.

The shotgun spread is huge and the rockets have a small AOE and weak damage (not what you would expect from a rocket launcher). I propose the rounds for the rocket be reduced to 4 (so if you get capacity increase it would then be 6, odd numbers have a way of screwing things up and creating more controversy) and the damage increased. Right now it doesn’t feel like a rocket launcher. When the rockets hit a more flashy explosion would be nice too, nothing too large to the point that it’s distracting.


If you stand still the spread pattern isn’t that bad.


And how do you propose someone do that when the monster is always on the move? lol

Very seldom a situation will arise when that is possible.

When ADS I think the spread should be drastically reduced. Right now you may as well just hip fire to your hearts content as the spread doesn’t decrease much (if any).


I think the advantage to using the rocket launcher is that it works at long range. Maybe a good comparison to the other Assaults would be to see how well do their secondary weapons work at long range. For example, with Hyde’s heavy machine gun.


Parnell is kind of a beast actually. In a match that doesn’t end early you can easily get 12000+ damage on both weapons; he is just constantly pumping out pain. I’ve also got Elite rank for Markov & Hyde and I’m working on Parnell now - he’s definitely more difficult to use effectively at first and he’s got much harder mastery requirements. Getting all that headshot damage is just a pain in the ass, even grinding against AI monsters. Direct hits aren’t hard, but you need 900 of them. It’s not something where you can just grind Defend like Markov - you need to always be rocking out with your rocket launcher out, getting in the Monster’s face, but it’s good for learning how to use him well.


It’s OK against Kraken. Nice big head hitbox, too.


Parnell’s greatest strength is also one of his " weaknesses ", and that’s the fact that he has a bullet-based primary instead of a secondary. What this means that Parnell’s weakspot damage greatly outperforms the weakspot damage of the other two, and his damage can pretty effectively outdo the other assaults when used right. The problem there is of of course twofold - Aiming is hard, and sometimes weakspots are hard to come by. This is the tier 3 hunter thing, you see - they can be extremely effective, but they require the greatest amount of team coordination to pull off effectively. If you’ve got a good medic that’s putting a weakspot on them at least once in a while (screw you, Caira), you’ll be swimming in damage output. And that’s what Parnell is all about.



IMO Markov is great for area denial from mines and fairly trades slightly less damage from in hand weapons (great choice, but to passive for my play style).
Hyde is unpickable as the minigun does next to no damage and the flame thrower does not make up for it. His grenades are slow so his utility is nothing on the mines or other character abilities so he has poor dmg and poor utility incomparison to his peers.
Parnell is awesome… the whole point of the assault class is to bully the monster of your team mates and shread dmg - and thats parnell in a nutshell. That shotgun is incredible and the super soldier steriod with well timed personal shield offers the huge utility of intimidation. No monster can ignore parnell in their face.


You’re wrong in thinking that his base damage is lower - Parnell’s base DPS with shotgun is roughly 50% higher than lightning gun and flamethrower. With super-soldier he’s doing about 3x more DPS than them, and that’s not even counting any headshots. That’s assuming you can hit all shots of course, which you won’t normally, but yeah he has huge potential. Rockets are indeed terrible but you may as well fire one or two whilst reloading shotgun. I strongly recommend aiming down the sight with rockets as it hugely improves their accuracy even whilst moving, give it a go.

How Hyde could be considered better than Parnell in any way, I have no idea. His minigun is awful all-round - low DPS and low accuracy even then. Flamer is decent vs Goliath, good vs Wraith, woeful vs Kraken. Toxic nade does the same damage as a mine but over the course of 9 seconds, AND slows hunters 50% but not the monster - absolute garbage, they need a significant buff ASAP. At least Parnell has huge potential with his super-soldier shotgun burst.

Combined with a Cabot damage amp which you should have in almost all games at the moment, Parnell can do some sick nasty damage. He just requires a lot of accuracy and positioning skill/knowledge on the player’s part.


Yea, I do concur with a few folks as far as the shotgun being a bit of a beast.

As for the Kraken, if it’s the rockets or the shotgun, I tend to “take to the air”. Meaning; I use up 3/4 of my jet pack to get up as close to the beast as possible. This helps with rockets in that you’re not firing long range (that will miss by the time they reach him) and the shotgun can actually be used when he’s not on the ground. Combined with SS, works like a charm.

As always though, it really comes down to which characters in each class that you’re comfortable with. For me the assault classes are;


But again, I don’t get into “best”… it’s more about yer personal comfort-zone imo


Wait what??? Are you sure about that?

Does it really look like his damage is lower???


I’m sure, because he has zero utility and is basically a hinderance to his team since (unless you have HP regen perk which then more so takes away from this competency opposed to if he had taken a different perk to maximise his damage). When using Markov I can setup mines and bait the monster into them. With Hyde you can force a monster out of hiding with Toxic nades and Flamethrower has pretty good range (especially when max stars). If Parnells personal ability was something other than SS and had some utility like the other two choices he would be more worthwhile.

You have to realize the damage being shown in that video is also because Parnell does not possess mines/grenades, he has SS instead, so you would need to add in the damage from at least 1 mine or 1 full-duration grenade (with Markov you could potentially add the damage of all 5 mines, situational).

So what if you damage is amp’d and you can perform all weapon related actions faster if you can’t catch your target.

Not only that but with a Laz or a bad medic you have to either get the hp regen buff off the albino tyrant, choose HP regen as your perk otherwise you are looking to be downed frequently, you have to also factor in damage taken from the wildlife (not just monster)

I think what I’m starting to realize is I don’t like his SS ability…maybe swap it out for something else. In all my time on each of the assaults he has by far been my least favorite.


All the T3 hunters share one thing, they have very high damage. Even the medic deals a fair amount with those nades. T3 hunters are there for damage only, have you noticed that none of them have any sort of CC? No 'poons, no tranqs, nothin. Parnell does SOOOOOoooo much damage compared to anything else, that is his role. Sure he doesn’t have utility, but he more than makes up for that in raw damage. Pretty crazy.


This video is very useful! I will be sure to use Markov’s assault rifle more often =D


Hmmmm again, doesn’t this come down to the player/team? I don’t really get downed much when using Parnell.


He’s THE DPS, how there’s no utility in there? Never heard of the best defense is a good offense? He doesn’t need mines to deny an area, he just shoot him the hell out of it.

And a good monster can blow them up with flamethrower, throw rock, warp blast, abduction or even Kraken’s ranged attacks.

The way toxic grenades are now, a good monster would laught at the dmg and at your team being slowed by it.

Watch this and tell me it’s not worthwhile.

True, but his damage is more reliable since he doesn’t depends on mines for it. You also needs to take in count that mines takes time to fully arm in order to do damage. A monster can sit on top of a mine for 3~5 secs and not take any damage.

You switch to rocket launcher, which is better than Hyde’s minigun.

As far as I know, the other 2 assault doesn’t have any other form of damage mitigation that Parnell doesn’t have, if a bad medic is failing to heal a Parnell, he would also fail to do so to the other 2.

Personal opinion, not relevant


Some interesting figures on DPS in this thread

Parnell is a beast, if you land all your shots right?

The one thing to remember about all DPS is if you don’t miss you’re going to do way higher DPS. Whoever you enjoy playing, practice and you will probably out DPS another “better” theoretical DPS.

The best example is the Lightning Gun on Markov with its theoretical “lower” DPS than his Assault Rifle. Where the Assault Rifle will do Higher DPS IF you don’t miss.


I play Medic.
There are two types of Medics.
Those that see Parnell in their group and go, “Man, I’m going to have to Heal him all the time.”
Then there are those that go, “Man, My Healing stat is going to be AWESOME!”

If you Medic is type one, you’re going to have a bad time with Parnell.


If nothing else, this video shows how horrible the rocket launcher is! The shotgun seems just as powerful at med-long range as the rockets.


The video didn’t load for me @Sky.

This topic has gone way off course. Sure there are videos proving the full damage potential output is greater with Parnell, but that is assuming EVERY shot fired is hitting the monster. We all know a monster on the move will not be hit by all of Parnells shots. If you look at the other two DPS, Markov can’t miss… his Lightning Gun will only fire if targeting something, his assault rifle hits immediately after a shot is fired, there is no lag time like the rockets. Hyde, same applies.

I guess some of you have a different meaning of “utility” than I… with mines or grenades areas can be ‘denied’ from the monster whereas Parnell has to run in guns blazing. When he does, all the monster has to do is focus him and he just gets juggled through his entire invincibility shield and SS not giving him a chance to do any real damage. I don’t know how to fix SS, I just loathe this ability, anything that is detrimental to my character that is self inflicted has always been taboo to me.

The rocket launcher needs some kind of buff, it’s just atrocious. The comparisons to the other weapons, Markovs beats everyone with his Assault rifle, Hyde’s minigun is terrible in the damage department, however it’s reliable unlike the rocket launcher. It can be hipfired or ADS and have the same spread, and if burst’d be quite accurate, and just like the Assault rifle as soon as a shot is fired it hits.