Parnell Underpowered


Parnell is under powered due to the fact that the clip sizes are much smaller then both markov and hyde and neither of his weapons are nearly as strong as the flamethrower or lightning gun. I’ve noticed that playing with or as parnell is crutch to the team and its almost impossible to beat a good monster player with parnell at assult. I’d suggest a clip size, damage, and/or super soldier duration increase.


Oh you are soooo mistaken it’s funny. Parnell is borderline OP.


On the other hand, Parnell’s damage is pretty huge even with the current clip size. I think he’s relatively balanced, actually.


Parnell is part of the heaviest DPS composition.

Put him, Laz, Griffin, and Cabot together and you get utter chaos

EDIT: Laz is chosen instead of Val because he can get more weakspots to compliment Parnell’s spread.


What…? He’s not OP or UP. While I think his Rocket Launcher to be a bit lacking, he has amazing damage potential which involves switching to his shotgun and RL to maximize damage and minimize downtime between reloads and proper use and positioning of Super Soldier.


He isn’t OP. He is awesome.



Apparently with Parnell you NEED to aim for the head. I find him lacking because he has no tactical tool, but his straight up damage is huge if you can empty a shotgun clip in the head of the monster you are facing. Add an expose points or Cabot damage emp + super soldier and his damage output can straight up melt 2 bars of life of the monster in less than 3 seconds.

Problem is that a good monster never stay still, so half your shots will miss or won’t hit the head.

High risk/high reward. Aim for the head ^^. Don’t bother taking him if you can’t aim during high stress situations.


Everything is either OP or weak to everyone.

I haven’t played as Parnell as I’ve not unlocked him as of yet, but I’d prefer Markov with the mines so far. Hyde just doesn’t have the DPS. I feel like I’m on top of monsters with that flamethrower and it does nothing.


parnell is the best assault imho he is batshit crazy


Parnell is amazing. Not OP or UP, Him using shotgun + Laz’s sniper rifle = So much damage increase due to the pellet spread. Don’t get me started if theirs a damage amp going as well.


Parnell uses super soldier to make up the damage compared to the others with Mines and Grenades.


Personal Shield - 10 Second Duration, 30 Seconds CD


Lightning Gun - 1028 Damage in 7 Seconds
Arc Mines - 630 Damage per Mine
Assault Rifle - 1007 Damage with 48 Shots in 6 Seconds


Combat Shotgun - 1119 with 10 Shots in 4 Seconds, able to fire 10 Shots in 2 Seconds with Super Soldier
Multifire Rocket Launcher - 450 Damage with 5 Shots in 3 Seconds, able to fire 5 Shots in 2 Seconds with Super Soldier
Super Soldier - 2113 Bonus Damage with 2330 Combat Shotgun Damage in 14 Seconds with a 30 Second CD, able to shoot 3 Drums from the Shotgun with a free reload or 3 sets of 5 Rockets with 2-3 bonus shots or 2 Drums of Shotgun and 2 Sets of Rockets if switched before reload animation.


Flamethrower - 1664 Damage in 11 Seconds
Minigun - 1495 Damage with 80 Shots in 12 Seconds
Gas Grenade - 633 Damage in 9 Seconds

parnell has the most dmg per time taken


I love how people didn’t read my sentence fully and took it out of context lol…


Yeeeea, toxic grenades are useless, finally a proof.


What the one reply I saw to you got what you where saying. You said he was borderline OP, and he said he is balanced.


Parnell is only good for you if you have massive balls made of steel. If you’re not the manliest of men please do not play him. Pop your super soldier and get in the things face. Show it how big your balls are. Parnell is pretty much for tbagging the monster while it’s still alive. If you don’t have the hair on your chest for flying into the krakens mouth for delicious double damage then please pick another character.

Edit: He also reminds me of the Paladin from D2 so there’s that too.


There is absolutely no way you can possibly say that, that man is under powered. He has become my absolute favorite character, even more so than Laz, Cabot, Hank, Markov, and Hyde. Reason being is because of the raw unadulterated amounts of damage he can inflict on monsters. The only thing he needs is a good team to hinder the monsters movement and a decent medic (Laz does good because when Parnell dies he can get right back up to do much more wreckage)


“You want the rage soldier? You got him!”


He did the most damage out of the 3 in beta so he’s clearly not underpowered. Both his tools get used in conjuntion with super soldier while Markov miens are very specific and hydes toxic grenades are pretty underwhelming