Parnell Tips


Here are some tips when you use Parnell.

First off use super soldier with care. Don’t do around and just use it whenever you feel like it. Use it preferably in a dome so the monster is forced to fight. If the monster is slowed or trapped= Perfect time to pop super soldier. If the monster is near you, and you have activated super soldier don’t use the rocket launcher. You will always deal more damage with the shotgun. Only use the rocket launcher if you run out of ammo or if the monster runs away. Also before you even think about activating super soldier turn on your shield, as it will neagte the super soldier damage. Also when you use it the monster will probably target you.

Ultimate Team: Laz, Cabot, Abe, Parnell. Have laz poke holes in the monsters armor, take out the shotgun, activate super soldier, have cabot turn on the damage amp and unleash hell, also i chose abe because his shot gun can hit the many weak points and his stasis grenades make it easier to shoot the monster. The monster will be overwhelmed with the damge and it is a great combo!

If you are desperate and need to run away, super soldier provides a small movement speed buff. Also if you are trying to figure out which perk to use with Parnell, use capacity increase or reload speed.

Did this help? Do you have any Tips for Parnell? Or Any team ideas? Please tell me as I would love to read them. And I would love feedback!


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