Parnell Super Soldier still not working in patch 5.0

So, like the title. I can provide video if needed, but it’s still happening… Anybody else noticed it?

[edit] video

Provide the video - and what is not working?

Well, i’ll do it later on today, when i come back from work.
His ability, eats up health, but doesn’t give any speed boost and/or reload speed.

Same thing happend to me but I don’t think it’s very common, I’m on PS4 if that helps

it’s not common, because not many people play him :smile:

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The thing is there is a bug with slim healing bug. but can’t tell if that is the problem…

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It happens when Parnell takes damage the same second he activates it last I checked.

Yeah, i review the footage, and since it was arena i wasn’t recording whole match, just last few minutes, but i got it. It was thanks to healing bug from Slim. But it changes nothing. We are in patch 5.0 now, it was a well known issue long before, and still persist. @Shaners EXTERMINATE, THE BUG (not shouting, just Terminator voice…)

Link is in first post