Parnell - Super Soldier still bugged -_-


Super Soldier still isn’t fixed.

It seems the most consistent way to recreate the bug is when you activate SS WHILE FIRING the Rocket Launcher it activates, but none of the bonuses are granted.

Parnell Super Soldier Bug




Activating Super Soldier while using the Rocket Launcher doesn’t give you any bonuses.


ahhh okay… had to reread that a couple times. i dont usually play parnell (i dont usually play assualt to begin with, but when i do i play Lennox or Markov. a little bit of torvald here or there too.)


This happened to me a couple of times as well but I think it’s because of slim somehow not the rocket launcher


I’m almost certain it’s the RL, because I purposely used it under said conditions to re-create it and it bugged out.


Pretty sure this occurs when Parnell is damaged the same second he pops S.S.


I did it while I wasn’t in combat.


That’s odd then. I know Laz’ cloak used to do the same, and on the rare occassion that I played Parnell it would happen all the time.