Parnell Super Soldier Bugged


After activating Super Soldier on Parnell the skill would occasionally just stop working. Speed boost gets cancelled and fast shooting stops as well. The skill sound is clear active and the skill charge still drains, you just stop getting the boosts. I believe it has something to do with Slim’s drones, though I wasn’t able to confirm. It happened about 5 times in one game.

Parnells super soldier

Came here to say the same thing. I’m on the PC.

This happens whenever I attempt to activate Super Soldier while holding the rocket launcher- the ability drains but I receive no boost. Also, if I am switching weapons the same time I activate Super Solider then I am unable to fire for a couple seconds despite already reloading/waiting enough time for the weapon to reload.


HEY thats what happened!. I turned it on and used one clip then blam shotty was shooting slow like normal. i was like well that was fast. I also ate a heavy from behemoth i wonder if that has anything to do with it.


same thing happened to me


Same here. Made a topic about it yesterday. Been smooth today. Knock on wood.


Happened to me again. Will upload the video as soon as I can.


Here is my new video. A lot clearer than my last one. @MacMan


Hrm, seems like there might be an edge case where the server and client don’t agree on whether or not you are in super soldier mode. Thanks for the video. I’ll bug it.


No problem. If it’s any help, my team was:



It is affected in offline solo play also, had it happen at least 5 times in one defend game.


Hey so was having this problem as well and I do not think this is limited to Parnell I have had this happen with Ciara and Lazarus with there acceleration field and invisibility ending early.

Below is a video of just one game with Parnell who I have been trying to master lately. I have been having issue where his super solider just won’t activate when used. Part of me thinks it has something to do with not enough time for the animation to go off but in the video you will see that is not a problem a couple of times.

Also I am not too great with Parnell so go easy on me.