Parnell Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread


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Parnell Tips
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Stage 2: Parnell Strategy, Tips and Advice

This topic is the real rage trooper.



Summoning @Shin cuz he scares me when he plays James ~.~



Oh joy. I’ve been planning on making a video on Parnell, I already have footage of me doing 10k damage across his kit. I was going to touch on perks that effect his playstyle. This video will be showcasing weapon swap, anything you guys want me to touch on? (it was a pub game if anyone was wondering)



Parnell is likely the hardest assault to play, though the payout can be huge. His super-soldier ability recharges about as fast as Hank’s orbital, which is to say you can get 2 per dome if used right away.

The shotgun does some serious damage, though it isn’t nearly as bursty without SS running. This is a good thing: it takes the heat off of Parnell while his shields/SS recharge.

The rocket launcher can do some major damage as well, and once you get the aiming down, is a great tool for monsters at a distance (or close if your shotgun is down).

Parnell is all about timing, positioning, and aiming. Once you get good at hitting the target (especially headshots) - monsters will fear you. I run movement speed just for that extra heat it puts on the monster.



Parnell needs to learn to use his jetpack quite well, because he has to be an extremely close range assault to pull out most of the damage. His rocket launcher is pretty weak, so it’s not a great idea to use it. However, you can use it between reloads and such, since your shotgun will auto reload while on the launcher. All in all, his rocket launcher has little to no use; much like Markov’s weapons. You can also end up killing yourself, if you use SS wrong. Or you could waste an extremely vital CD.

Use his CD efficiently, if you don’t, you won’t come close to the other assaults damage. Takes some practice, but you’ll get there.

When fighting, aim for the head/chest. Those areas with give the most damage potential, try to avoid limbs…
Head-2.0 damage.
Body-1.0 damage.
Limb-0.5 damage.

If you’re going to use shotgun, you must learn to avoid hitting the limbs… They will halve your damage.
Preferably, try to get the monster to attack you. If that happens, it drastically opens up the headshot potential.

Parnell is all about aim in the end… If you miss shots, you aren’t going to do well. His damage potential drops so fast, it’s crazy. This is a main reasons people don’t like him, and call him a weak assault. ~shrugs~

My favorite comp to run with Parnell, would be Laz, Cabot, and Griffin/Maggie. Griffin/Maggie both give some form of control. Griffin can be used to keep the monster off Laz… As well as this, Laz will typically be focused, so it gives you a general area to focus fire him in. When he pushes for the medic, you can openly push back without him disengaging much. I prefer Laz, because I play an aggressive Parnell playstyle. If I drop, I like having a decent Laz there to get me up again. But, I also like Val; due to the weak points/slows. Both of them help your damage output greatly.

With Parnell, run Capacity. It increases burst in SS, and it is great for out of CD as well, as you have so many more shots.

Another tip I could give you, is try playing Sunny a bit? When I played Sunny to begin with, it helped me learn to conserve jetpack much better… Boosting around teammates so much, you learn how to keep up quite quickly.



Parnell + capacity x albino electric chicken = mean :slight_smile:

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Muwahahahahahaha! :parnell_cute:



As both a monster and hunter, this cannot be stressed enough. Parnell is easily the scariest assault to face if you know the player is very good. But if they aren’t good, they will be much more of a detriment to their team than any other assault.



Saw somebody test this a while ago, it’s impossible to kill yourself with SS. It just takes your health to the minimum possible without incapping.



That is not what I mean… You cannot drop yourself with a SS.

What I mean, is you can activate it at the wrong time, and get smacked by a rock throw, or get a tick from a flame breath.
Should have specified, but yeah… You can end up killing yourself with it.

That’s why I said if you use it wrong. I would have just said “if you use it”, had that been possible to literally kill yourself with it.

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Good point. Sorry, I misread. :bucket_salute:

I think they should just remove the health penalty, Parnell already sacrifices a lot for his insane DPS.

You’d better not post any more tips. Good Parnells scare me. Seriously, seeing Parnell march towards you as you’re hiding in a bush is oddly menacing (like, more so than the other assaults), considering how friendly of a character he is.



The Capacity perk doesn’t increase the duration of the Supersoldier ability; you can test this with a stopwatch. At 3-Star progression it’s 15s with or without the Capacity perk - no difference.



Who claimed it increased Super Soldier duration?

Perk choice.

You have several more shots in SS, causing you not to reload as much in SS. As well as this, you can swap weapons due to faster weapon swap in SS; with more damage. Due to the increased clips, you can fire for a longer duration, and you’re usually reloaded by the time you’re finished. If not, swap anyways. You still got shots off while you would have been doing nothing. This increases burst, whilst in SS; like I said in the above statement.

Pretty self explanatory here.

Lets take a different approach.

I said it increases burst, not SS… They aren’t the same.
On top of this, I said they increase burst in SS. This leads you to believe, we’re not talking about SS, we’re talking about something SS changes, or encompasses.

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Does Reload Speed affect Parnells SS? Or his shield? If it does it might be worth taking too I love that Parnell fellow some of his dialogue is neat.



Reload Speed should affect his SS cooldown, not his shield. You need class cooldowns for shield to be affected.



I’m pretty sure reload affects class abilities



isnt reload bugged still?

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I thought so too but now I am maximum confused. After next updates I’ll be sure to test it out!



Reload was patched I believe. Sorry for the delayed response, I was out.