Parnell - Self Knockback on Rocket Launcher

I’m just wondering what’s everyone’s thought on Parnell’s RL knocking him back slightly? I mean the weapon is a back-up and does somewhat decent damage, but the knockback on himself doesn’t seem very justified considering overall it’s an average weapon.

I mean Sunny’s Mini-Nuke Grenade Launcher doesn’t knock her back at all and that thing has a huge ass explosion.

Should it stay or should it be removed?

Lol ima be honest, I dont mind what happens because I never use the rocket launcher up close :smiley:


It was reduced from what it originally was, so I haven’t really had a problem with it.

For a ranged weapon, it’s actually decently strong at a medium range.

I guess it’s for immerison,trying to tell you he’s firing some heavy munition out but i agree because Sunny and Bucket’s launchers don’t do it so yeah idk

I never really play Parnell even if i did,i don’ like his RL anyway!

pls enable rocket jumping pls

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I was about to say that! :blush:

You used to be able to rocket hover with the old knockback. It was pointless but fun.

Yes rocket jumping!


I have never noticed this on Parnell. I have played a lot of Parnell guess I don’t use the Rocket launcher enough.

Parnell is brokem atm, fix his rocket jumping and he will be a-okay

I used to get teammates on top of me and try and shoot at their feet…

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