Parnell Poll

just want to see the responses

  • parnell is up
  • parnell is balanced
  • parnell is op

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I wouldn’t say he’s OP, but I have seen some premade teams pull some bullshit with him that was bordering on being an exploit.
They take Parnell and Caira and pair them, take run speed on both, once they’re on the monster’s tail Parnell keeps popping his Super Soldier for the speed boost whenever it’s off cooldown to keep up with it. When it’s on cooldown Caira then pops her speed boost. Rinse and repeat.
It makes it really difficult to shake the hunters off your tail.
Against Wraith it makes it literally impossible to lose the hunters, it’s even more effective on smaller maps.

Fortunately I haven’t seen this tactic being used too often. Perhaps because Parnell isn’t so great against Kraken whose currently the flavor of the month.
Wraith really needs her old move speed back now that doming the Monster is trivial.
But I digress.

He’s probably alright where he is at the moment, his shotgun is satisfying to use especially after the somewhat recent change to it’s particle effect.

Only change needed is the rocket launcher. Doesnt feel like a rocket launcher at all.

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Against Goliath and Behemoth he’s pretty rewarding if you know how to aim properly.

Against Kraken and Wraith the risk and costs of getting close outweigh the reward in damage.

Parnell’s success is highly dependent on the Monster’s character and playstyle and it’s a fine example of why so many people prefer a safer choice of Assault such as Hyde.

Kinda stuck between parnell is fine and parnell is underpowered. Maybe make it so supersoldier doesn’t drain as much hp or something, or hp only drains if he isn’t hitting anything. Or maybe just make super soldier a toggle.

I think they could remove the hp drain from SS and nobody would notice much.

As someone else said… his Rocket Launcher is trash.

Give it Proximity Detonation for use against Kraken and give it a damage boost and he will be just fine.

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Give him the ability to rocket jump and he will be fine.


As a TF2 rocket jumper, I approve this message.

100M in 2 seconds lol

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MacMan said on steam that they’re reluctant to change it back because the old warps were too disorienting. ._. Something along those lines.

But wraith is all about misdirection.

As long as he can do it off walls too, in true quake fashion.


Holy shit this is a good idea. Would make Parnell as effective against Kraken as he is against Goliath. Sadly too OP for dodging. Unless there was a cooldown…

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There’s a thread already out there with polls for all characters, including the Monsters.

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Parnell is a tough spot, when used by a pro he could be op, when used by an average player he falls short, his ss health reduction is barely noticeable, until you have a strike or 2 and your medic is on the dropship and your health is low and your shield is recharging and your jetpack is empty and oh gosh your about to be aftershocked, then you have to not use it… but eh, im going off the road here, add projectile speed to his rockets, that is all.

He is ok right now. Hyde is strong, definitely